March 09, 2013

RDM– the key of Data collection

I think Data collection helps me to improve ability of decision-making because it helps me focus on objective information about what is happening in the process, rather than subjective opinions. And as a team member, Data Collection enables team to test on assumption about process and build information that could bring improvement of the key characteristics of the product or service. However, a simple collecting data does not ensure people could get relevant or specific enough data to tell you what is happening in process. The key is: How do we obtain useful data?

First of all, I think making a data collection plan is important. We should question ourselves:

-Why do we want the data? (This ensure the purpose)

-Where should we collect the data? (Identify key quality characteristic we're trying to improve)

-What type of data should we collect? Attribute data (Presence or absence of a characteristic) or Variables data(Specific measurement)

-Who to collect the data? Any extra training or resources required?

-How do we collect the data? Sample size, frequencies, tools..

Understood that the data collection could also be limited by some factors, such as time, cost, resources. Therefore, we might need to take those factors into account when make plan of data collection.

Secondly, we need to avoid some problems of data collection:

1. Failed to define scope of following questions. Otherwise, our data collection could be wrong at the start, particular in big companies, which involves in many people in data collection process. Therefore clear and adequate scope definition is important.

  • When to collect data
  • How to collect data
  • The criteria of errors

2. Adding bias to the data collection process, particular when time is limited. Otherwise, we could easily make errors in process or miss data.

In order to avoid problems of data collection, I think having a checklist could be helpful. Create checklist could also help team to

  • Record information on the key quality characteristics of your process for analysis
  • Offer a picture of historical record of the process
  • Communicate with people who is not familiar with the data collection as regular part of their jobs

February 26, 2013

RDM– When dealing with Probability

One video mentioned about probability by using examples of lottery (2 goats/ 1 cars)

First time, it was not easy to choose. Because I think there are 1/3 opportunity of each items. (2 goats = 66%,1 car=33%)

After the host open one door and showed up a goat, I was happy because I think my chance to win the car increase from 1/3 to ½.

Therefore, I preferred to stick on my choice when the host was asking whether to make changes.

However, the video taught me that my methodology of analyze the opportunity was wrong.

Because even one door has been opened, the percentage of goats and car are still 66% and 33% respectively. Each door is independent to others. So, we’d better switch always in this case.

Next time, I should analyze whether each factors are independent in order to prevent this problem in decision-making.

RDM–Traps in decision–making

In order to be a effective leader, making a proper decision in proper sense of judgement is important.

However, I didn't have any ideas about what is robust decison-making before we entered the lecture.

But i knew some biases traps i tend to failed when making judgment :

1. Availability: if we saw something occurred many times or seemed to be many times, we tend to believe that is true.

2. Representative Heuristic: I tend to be optimistic for future result.

3. Anchoring/Adjustment: tend to be directed by information and lose the key points of problems; when there are more than 2 components in same condition under same direction, I tend to get lose.

And i think i should prevent those traps next time by doing:

1.Think question by myself first by carefully choosing information, which could hit the key point of problems.

2.Discuss and Listen to others, as many different options as possible. In order to prevent lose key information, to choose impropriate information to use or to being too subjective.

3.Be critical to myself and to others to avoid being anchored by others.

4.Listen to others first to avoid anchoring others.

However, it is hardly to prevent bias even you examine with others since it involves too many factors.

Therefore, we might need some tools to help us to make the right choice.

And that's why there are so many tools for managers to use and why we need to learn robust decision-making.

February 10, 2013

leader needs motivation!!

Followers matters....

As Forrest said, leader should not be an island. they will need people's support to become a leader.

Due to clear understanding of the importance of followers, leader always seek way to encourage his followers.

They learn how to show good skill of communication, anaylse and coodination....

However, tonight I feel very depressed.

Who ever notices that leader need motivtion as well to keep them always freshed ?!

I think people lose this topic when taking about leadership.

Performance Appraisal System

In one mini project, we studied performance appraisal system after policy deployment

This activity makes me understand the two main objectives-

1. Against current performance with future goals. - In the other words, a system could help organization to know where to improve.

2. Provide reward recognition. - No matter the company earn profit or not, employees always need a motivation.

This system built from positive triggers. However, as the literature and real experience support , sometimes it end up as a evil and demotivated system.

I personally believe that human bias is the killer.

Even we all know it could be prevent by using other peers judgment (360 degree)

Unfortunately, sometimes, committee still cannot change the decision that director preferred. In this case, the performance appraisal system could be corrupted and so does employee's motivation. More worse, some following serious negative actions could happen as well.

I have to admit that it is not a easy job as being an objective judger.

If one day i become a appraiser. There are some things I could reflect on in order to prevent above situation:

1. Build environment for a freedom to comment other person.

2. Train employee on how to comment and what to comment about. To reduce negative impact.

2. Employees has ability to do self assessment for their managers

2. Managers should review employee's form and give comment for directors.

3. Invite all managers to apprise all employees (Managers of team A also be able to comment on employees in team B)

4. Listen carefully on manager's individual comments. To recognize manager's bias.

5. Democratic votes from committee

6. Build self ability to judge under fairness for committee’s comment.

7. Open final decision to committee.

February 07, 2013

Leadership&Excellence– Communication always makes things better

Human is born in different and sensitive. And communication could always soft conflicts, then lead people grow together.

In this new team, we faced some same difficulties as I had in previous mini projects. But this project, our new team has different strategy-we communicated with each other before continuous next project. We clarified problems, reached consensus for future. We didn't blame on each other but compensate for each other. Gradually, some team members started to devote themselves more into task. Moreover, the most important things for me is that we didn't allow any mini project become individual work. We try to balance task equally and learned to cover team members. And also we learned how to work efficiently. We change from "brainstorming together" to divide task.

For myself, i realized my communication skill has improved gradually, level of patient has increased and I became more open to other person's feedback. I could remind myself that always learn from failures, no matter the failure is happened on you or on other. Take other people as your mirror. Don't push to other person for what you don't want. The way that people think you 're which must be a reason in there. Always cooperate and improve together. As “The best gain is to lose”.

Leadership&Excellence– Points behind flexibility

While brainstorming for flexiblity, I suddenly catched up why we learn coaching in module and why coaching needs to stand back. Because you -

1. Could observe situation clearly. Therefore I could make proper resource allocation, judge the right decision or pick whole team out of struggling situation by reminding mistakes. Also I could have more chance to notice any emerged leader that I develop for next team.

2. Help team members to be independent so that they could be able to build up their confidence and knowledge. Create a learning enjoinment for everyone to improve. Therefore it could benefit the whole organization.

Moreover, things that I could improve in order to build coaching abilities-

1. Logistic ability. So that I could see whole pictures.

2. Be objectives( Hide my emotion) but still be pathetic. So that I could help team member to develop their own solution rather than taking over their works.

3. Don’t make decision for them. My decision may not suitable for others. And team member could build experience.

Leadership&Excellence– Two coins make connection , one coin is silence

Today one of our peer who shared that she gained two different result by using 2 different approaches, either stand back or be aggressive.. This helps me learned that the right interaction could lead success for teamwork.

In order to have right interaction with team, i think that I'll need to be more flexible. And observation could be a crucial factors to develop leader's flexibility.

If Team members are active and opinionative, I think I'll have to stand back in order to observe whole situation. Then I could be able to know when to stop and pick up various ideas.

vice versa, if my team are procrastinated and lack of comments. Then I will have to be more involved in teamwork and be more supportive than usual. In the other words, I must know both how to coach and push members in order to encourage and inspire my team members.

And my peers made me appreciate MBE enviornment again.If people are not allow to feedback, I think I wouldn't have those learning points. And I wouldn't have chace to improve on either academic or living as human. :)

Leadership&Excellence– new comer leader…

Another things I learned from the Hotel exercise-

how could you build team relationship (they will listen , respect and communicate with you) and involved in new situations if i 'm new to a new team?!

Even I've observed what's the likely mistakes leader could make by observing others , I still think it is difficult to prevent yourself not to make same mistake again. (no matter in game or reality)

For example, if we have more time to allow new leader to address direction to team, I couldn't know what to tell my team since i know nothing about this new team and company's target. And I'm sure they don't want to listen what i know apart from their company since they're confident they know better than what i know .So it is really hard to influence others.

In the game, we didn't have time which allow leader to give direction. But in the other way, our team start to make decision first and give the finally call to me. At first, I felt it was quite hard because I was totally out of the situation. Therefore I always listened carefully but try to make the most friendly decision. Like take the average room rate of suggestions. Or sometimes just encourage them to try their solution. After several runs, I knew more and was be able to discussed with members gradually. I think this is an example of fellowship influences leader. They showed their respect ,patience to the leader therefore leader felt she was involved in and start to engaged more. And I'm sure once leader is familiar with the company, she could be able to ask critical questions to team members and take their answers into final decision.

By this exercise, I think both leader and followers could cooperate otherwise the conflict cannot be solved.

It needs continuous communication, trust and exerted knowledge from each others.

(Even I know it will be difficult for leader to get rid of his high self-esteem (i think I’m good because I’m your top manager) and power )

So that's why my ex-boss always tell me that"as a leader, you should lead team members heart not just their body".Otherwise, team members wouldn't do what the leader asked, then it won't benefit the situation(whole team).

I saw some examples in my companies, there are some top managers were forced to leave because he was judged as no performance. Now I proved the potential reason here.

I want to be a senior manager in the next job who could be new manager for any company, this lesson is really helpful remind for me.

Leadership&Excellence– instruction is not clear, …

During the Hotel lecture, I was lucky to be the observer who oberved leaders.

And i fould out , it is easy to pick up things against oberserving sheet you should pay attention than you're actually doing it.

I have to admitted that I could have the same problem as I ticked for my leader did in this task.

Expecially when time is limited but instructions from your boss are not clear. This case, you cannot really allocate your team's resources in an efficient way.

However, think even communication could help. I have to share all the things,target and details I know to my team members so that they could all get big pictures first and make sense to themself. Then try to dig out details together by interacting with them.

And some people might jump to the conclusion too quick when they are in the pressure of time. Then I think it will be important to develop your value to judge how you could make the decsion reasonable. Rather than listen to others or just make rush decision.

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