October 19, 2010

Interdisciplinarity and team day out

Follow-up to Welcome from HRC Postgraduate Researcher Group Blog

Dear all,

As promised here is the link to the interdisciplinary group I was talking about, that might give us some interesting ideas for the development of our project:


About a possible outing, I was thinking about a trip to the Tate Modern, to see the Gauguin exhibition (http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/gauguin/default.shtm).

It could prove to be a good starting point, not only because I generally find art exhibitions extremely inspiring, but also for the artist in itself (a French painter choosing to depict Tahiti) and his particular treatment of colors.

As we were planning to go during the weekend it would maybe be worth combining it with a play or a performance to see while in London (if you all like the idea, we could select some days in which we are all available and I’ll look at the performances etc. planned in London).

What do you think?



Welcome to our blog..

Hope you're all well..As discussed last week, here is our official HRC Postgraduate Research Blog. All of you are listed as authors and moderators, meaning that you can all write posts and authorise comments for publication as required.

The blog can be used to supplement (though not replace) face-to-face discussions and presentations, so that we can use a point, or a file uploaded here to facilitate a meeting face-to-face. We can also store meeting minutes here, (Karen - would you be able to post our miniutes from the initial meeting here?) and any project planning or research material that we think others will find interesting. If we all like this format, this could potentially replace the group emails we've been using so far..

To start with, perhaps we can all write a post on our research, and potentially how it relates to colour, but obviously not at the expense of the central material.

Enjoy - as authors you can change the format, add and remove features as necessary.

See you soon 


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