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November 30, 2009

Spoonerism Of The Year

And the winner of this weekend’s spoonerism of the year award goes to…

“Jilly Bummard!”

November 26, 2009

Top Ten Tastiest Birds

It’s Thanksgiving, aka The Great American Warm Up For Christmas, and right now billions of turkeys are gobbling their last. It’s time then to stop for a moment and remember that, as we approach Christmas and turkey-geddon here in Europe, that turkey is just not as tasty as chicken. No really, it isn’t. As my good friend Finn says:

The tastiest part of the turkey is in the gravy, turkey is just a gravy delivery system.

She’s right.

Not that turkey is rubbish. In fact here are the top ten tastiest birds:

1. Duck
2. Chicken
3. Guineafowl
4. Sparrowhawk
5. Penguin (non-chocolate bar)
6. Quetzolcoatl
7. Ostrich
8. Phoenix
9. Turkey
10. Flying squirrel

And the five worst tasting birds:

1. Vulture
2. Seagull
3. Trafalgar Sq pigeon
4. Icarus
5. Kiwi (not fruit or person with malfunctioning vowels)

Christmas would be a lot more interesting with Ostrich.

November 13, 2009

Britain Versus

After the question "Which countries has Britain not been at war with?" was posed the other day by a friend, a geekiness overtook me and I attempted to create a nice map showing all the countries Britain has been at war with, coloured in red.

This meant formal war, not just colonising as that was sometimes achieved with the aid of a few fired shots, plenty of deals with local leaders, and some western germs which killed the natives in vast amounts. I am sure there are places missing from this map (the infamously short war with Zanzibar is missing cos it's too small to colour in!) so any uber-geeks out there please correct me and the map.

Note: Hawaii isn't coloured in because Britain has never been at war with it. Alaska is coloured in as, whilst it wasn't part of America during the War of Independence, it was part of Russia during the Crimean War. Which is interesting.


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