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September 24, 2007

DS Lite

Ok world. This is not a very interesting entry for you, but I want answers, dammit!

I have just bought a DS Lite. It is shiny and white, and reminds me of how much I loved my gigantic grey brick old school Gameboy from back in the day. But problems! I have just two games. Admittedly these are Advance Wars DS (to which I am horribly addicted) and Final Fantasy III (not started yet).

So what should I get?

The only games on my wishlist at the moment are Brain Training, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Brothers, and the new Zelda. Yes, that’s a fairly big wishlist. But is there anything I should get. Basically in order this is the sort of game I go for:

- Turn based strategy and puzzle.
- Real time strategy.
- RPGs.
- Side scrolling platformers.
- Beat ‘em ups.

I’ve never really liked first person shooters or platformers (with the possible exception of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro), racing games, sports simulators (except on the Wii) or pet simulators. I owned a fish when I was younger y’see?

So yeah, what should I get, or is my little wishlist above sufficient?

September 10, 2007


Writing about web page

I love a bit of hyperbole as much as the next ten million billion gazillion people, but just sometimes it can all go a little bit far. From today’s BBC Sport round up of the newspapers comes this worrying revelation:

Wales boss John Toshack slaughtered his players after the disappointing 2-0 defeat by Germany. (Daily Star)

I now can’t shake the mental image of Toshack forcing Koumas, Bellamy et al into a an abattoirs and turning them into Welsh International sausages!

I’d fancy my chances if I were Slovakia.

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