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September 29, 2005

Three In A Day aka Bloglets

Yes, I have been stuck in the house all day and am now feeling a little better. But the toll has been heavy, this is my third entry in a day, a feat not matched since last year (and then it was three entries on a related subject whiuch doesn't really count). So here are some thoughts to take to bed with you:

  • Bloglets A new blogger, unused as yet to the pure insanity of it all. I coined the word and Mr Mat Mannion is helping to spead it, so do your bit and get it out there.

  • Go to the front page of Warwick Blogs. Look at the lady in the banner. Now run a search. Look at the lady in the corner. Notice how she now has a SCARY SEARCH EYE OF DOOM which she will use to READ YOUR MIND AND FIND YOUR SOUL before EXTRACTING YOUR SOUL AND USING IT FOR NEFARIOUS PURPOSES!!!11!!!11oneone!!

  • Think your parents ring you a lot? Mine rang me four times today between the two of them. Now that's concerned parents. Just wish they were here to fuss over me.


Womens Football Website

Writing about web page

The new Warwick Women's Football website is now up and running and is beautiful. I made it out of sticky back plastic and mud.



For the second year running I have managed the incredible feat of catching the freshers' flu without having even met any freshers. This obviously displeases me as it shows that freshers are more inventive and cunning than we had previously assumed and suggests to me that the only reasonable course of events is to acquire nuclear capabilites and deal with the little bastards once and for all… unless it turns out that I caught this from a horrible second year or finalist. Oh the joys of third year.


The only thing you can really do when you have the lurgy is have a Lurgy Party with your plague ridden friends. In fact I had planned one for last night (in place of the football social) but alas I was too ill to travel to the Niamh's house for the Lurgy Party. However if you are planning to have one this is what you need:

  • A duvet/sleeping bag for each person.
    You will need these for curling up on the sofa.
  • Oranges and other nice sources of vitamin C.
    Mmm, sucrose.
  • Trillions of throat lozenges.
    Mmm, suugar.
  • Paracetemol. Buttloads of it.
    Mmm, painkillers.
  • A comedy film.
    Any dramas will depress you, action films are too loud and don't bother attempting something in a foriegn langauge as you will not be able to cope. Also make sure it's no too funny as excessive laughing can hurt the achy bits of your body.
  • Soup.
    Like happiness in liquid form.
  • A healthy person.
    These are essential for bringing you the above items when you can't move. They are also very good at going to the shops and fetching stuff. If your healthy person gets a bit stubborn then just threaten to breathe on them.

Fun things to do at Lurgy Parties include 'who can have the longest coughing fit' competitions, croaky voice contests (incorporating Macy Gray impressions) and group sleeping. You could also rig up your computers and play large LAN games if you are sufficiently nerdy.

Anyway, I now have about 30 hours to get well so I can trial for the football team and attempt to get to Durham for a birthday party. Why oh why must I time my illnesses with such accuracy?

Cough cough...

September 27, 2005


Ntl, you tossmonkeys, give us the goddam home internet we not only asked you for but goddam PAID you for! This is not in the slightest bit acceptable and I'm the least pissed off member of our household!

And I am really pissed off.

Sort it or I come after you with knives…

September 19, 2005

Holly Vs The Internet

I'm not usually one for the whole geeky, nerdy palaver (spelling? actually sod it, I don't care) as I just don't have the willpower to be sufficiently anal about life. Bad punctuation, lax spelling and a nonchalent shrug are the lifestyle choices of the humanities student, not the trained science/maths/compsci nerd. These glasses on my face are the result of poor eyesight of a cogenital nature, not as a result of reading too much as a child. And I never did finish Final Fantasy 7.

But I am currently prepared to join to great crusade against Internet Explorer that the nerds are waging. This crappy software won't allow my website project (long story) to function. Firefox will. Now obviously it would be preferable if all the members of women's football would switch the Firefox and then view this new site I am creating for them (if Comp Soc ever get back to me about hosting, but they are still not as annoying as Microsoft) but I don't know if I can get away with it as there are a lot of them and I don't know where they all live. I'm working on it.

Why oh why can't computers just go right for once?

Thanks to Mat for helping out with this.

September 14, 2005

73 Facts About Mat Mannion


1. Mat is half man, half Warwick Blogs.
2. He will do anything you want that is blog related if you can answer his riddle.
3. His riddle is quite hard.
4. Last week the answer was 'Kevin And Perry Go Large'.
5. The week before it was the Arts Centre cafe.
6. Mat can fly when there are crayons present.
7. Mat is living in a tiny spare room at the moment.
8. Mat was previously in Cryfield 3, but not on the floor which smells of wee.
9. Mat can sing.
10. Mat rules at Singstar.
11. Mat sings the girly bit in 'Video Killed The Radio Star' by Buggles really well.
12. Mat knows more of the lyrics to Silent Alarm by Bloc Party than Anthony Hopkins does.
13. Mat is from a town.
14. It's not Den Haag.
15. It's near to here but not too near.
16. Mat has a map of Bruges tatooed on his left foot.
17. Mat was interviewed by police before they arrested Video when trying to solve the murder of The Radio Star.
18. Mat was innocent.
19. Mat's alibi was supported by the Very Reverand Samuel Boulby who now owns his sole.
20. Yes that's sole not soul.
21. Mat is doing compsci.
22. Mat has kissed at least one lady.
23. The two previous facts might seem contradictory to you.
24. In which case, stop stereotyping compsci students!
25. Git.
26. Mat likes good music.
27. Mat wants to make requests at Crash.
28. Mat gets lots of hatemail from prepubescents annoyed that he dissed some bloke from some TV show I didn't watch.
29. Wait till they find out what Mat did to the fat one who used to be in Westlife.
30. Mat is the secret lovechild of Anne Robinson and Bob Holness, and his godfather is Patrick Moore.
31. Mat owns a car.
32. Mat has never tried to run me over which makes him an exception amoungst my car owning friends.
33. Mat is responsible for 68% of all metablogging on Warwick Blogs.
34. He is also responsible for tidying up after us.
35. So please use the litter tray and make his life easier.
36. Mat was born in 1931 but hibernated for most of the 20th century after losing a bet with Josef Stalin.
37. Mat still owes Josef Stalin's descendents £2.50.
38. Mat spent the summer of 1998 counting concubines for BT.
39. Mat has a mint copy of Daphne And Celeste's first album on Japanese import.
40. Mat saw a film recently.
41. Mat cannot be seen from space unless you go into space with him.
42. Mat has x-ray vision on Thursdays.
43. Mat shot the sheriff but he did not shoot the deputy.
44. Mat has a job.
45. Which pays more money than mine.
46. And has shorter hours.
47. Git.
48. Mat has trouble finding a parking space.
49. Mat is living on campus this year.
50. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
51. Mat has employed a team of squirrels to act as his bodyguards.
52. Mat once told Jacques Chirac that he's a bit "off".
53. Mr Chirac pretended he couldn't speak English.
54. So did Mat.
55. There was much confusion until former Dutch leader Wim Kok told them to be quiet and sit down.
56. 56 facts is a lot of hard work.
57. I have to research these myself y'know.
58. Mat could tell you more to be honest.
59. Hell, he might even tell you something true…
60. Mat is often used as Kate Winslet's bum double.
61. Mat remembers where he was when Alton Towers opened Nemesis.
62. Mat can change his skin to camoflauge himself in the Maths building.
63. Mat wrote all of Andrew Lloyd Webber's work but didn't want the credit.
64. Mat knows all about laydeez!
65. But he won't tell anyone.
66. Git.
67. Mat was the inspiration for Busted's classic 'Air Hostess'.
68. Mat never gets pins stuck in the soles of his shoes.
69. Mat has an evil twin called Tam who once ran as a Tory candidate in the Bethnal Green And Bow constituency.
70. Mat is responsible for those weird noises in your house at night when you're all alone.
71. Mat loves you.
72. All of you.
73. Mwhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

September 13, 2005

The LEA Are Evil

Follow-up to Philosophical Conundrum from Hollyzone

Hark friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your food, your water and your electricity! Give me shelter over my head and shoes (size 9) for my feet. Lend me clothes which fit, or even ones which are too big because they will still keep me warm in their folds and depths. Perhaps treat me by paying my entry to a Union night which isn't Top B or Crash (I get into these free anyway). Take me to Birmingham to party or see my brother.

Why? Because I can't do these things myself anymore! Alright, I can but I'm being unnecessarily melodramatic to illustrate the fact that the system has screwed me over!

I found out today how much loan I'll be getting. In previous years I've had literally just enough to last my time at uni. This is cash spent on essentials, I spend what I earn in summer jobs on luxuries. No loan was used in purchasing things like my camera or scanner. At the end of first year I had £32. By the end of last year I had £16. And I knew I'd be getting less loan this year, I reckoned about £300 less. This would mean either more work or less fun stuff, or a combination of the two. Well guess what. Guess how much less loan I got this year compared to last year's just adequate amount.


Oh shit.

That's not 'cutting back on luxuries'/'working a little more', that's 'consider selling your friends into slavery'/'eating Tesco's value beans and nothing else' levels of loan cut! Their 'justification' (hahaha) is that in the first two years I needed supporting over summer and this was provided in the loan, whereas now I'll be a graduate in the summer and can claim unemployment benefit.

How many people can survive three months of summer on £16? What's that in real terms? A bottle of factor 30 suntan lotion, a pair of shorts, some cheap flip-flops and a 99 Flake! Yeah, I can last three months on that! I was using my so-called summer allowance to last through spring! Argh.

So now any thought of long hours at work meaning nice rewards are buggered as I'm needing to budget for this massive hole in my accounts. Hell, I'm going to have to go against the very fabric of my upbringing, my class and my personality, and ask my parents for money. Or sell my friends into slavery. Whichever is quieter and hurts my conscience less*.

I haven't blogged much recently and I hate to whinge but I am so pissed off right now. Especially as I've now published this for the world to see which will make catching my friends and selling them into slavery a little trickier.


*Probably the slvaery...

September 07, 2005

Philosophical Conundrum

I work long hours. This means I get good money. I need money. So I signed up for some even longer hours. I was smug that I had found a way to get more money.

Then someone reminded me I've been given a pay rise. More money anyway. And long hours.

Do I win or lose?

September 06, 2005

I Cannot Discuss This Here, They Are Coming For Me…

I've been away but I'm back. They don't know yet so I'm keeping a low profile until the Time When All Is Revealed. Which should be when my mum drops off my myriad of camera cables annd computer equipment and I can upload what's on my digital camera. It's pretty and will no doubt prompt an entry from the Travel Writing school of entries. Or somesuch…

Anyway, after having been robbed in Birmingham/Milan/Athens (I don't know which) airport and losing my sleeping bag, I am now in possession of a house on my ownsome with the following items:

  • Pile of summery clothes. 85% dirty.
  • Much smaller pile of work clothes. 15% dirty.
  • Two pairs of shoes.
  • A new sleeping bag.
  • Weetabix, paper bowls, pint of milk and a large amount of fruit and veg.
  • A towel. Blue. Very very big.
  • Digital camera. No cable so can't upload snaps.
  • MP3 player. 256mb. Five albums worth of music but again no cable so can't change music, and battery is running low. *
  • New hoover.
  • Last week's NME (unread), the latest Harry Potter (read, better than previous book, twist quite good) and a course book (unread of course).
  • My new Stagecoach buspass.

This is what I must live on until Saturday. I reckon the NME will make for a nutritious meal once the food runs out but I cannot eat the books as neither belongs to me. Also if the weather turns horrible I'm either gonna freeze or wear work clothes all the time. Sexy. All I need is home internet and I can begin to reconquer the Blogosphere.

Plot plot plot plot plot plot plot...

*Editors - The Back Room, Arcade Fire - Funeral, Sons And Daughters - The Repulsion Box, Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger, The Features - Exhibit A.

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