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August 30, 2004

I survived Leeds 2004

Follow-up to Leeds 2004 from Hollyzone

Ok, I'm back from Leeds and after using all the hot water in the house (ah power shower) and filling up on the first edible food in 4 days I am feeling better and ready to bore everyone with …

My Festival Report

First of all there was the list of things I had to do… were these challenges met? Did I succeed or fail? Read on…

1) Locate friends from Newcastle who will probably be inebriated by 10am (ie hours before I actually arrive).

I found them evetually on Saturday. This was despite mincing around with a Spanish flag on a stick for the previous 2 days so they could find me. Funnily enough not long after I found them the flag was stolen.

And the most common question I got asked all weekend (apart from "Do you have any weed?" No, I don't smoke) was "Why have you got a Spanish flag? Are you Spanish?" No, but I already have a England flag and an Ireland flag which covers my nationalities. I like Spain, I like the flag and I can speak Spanish.

2) Set up tent in saturated, Yorkshire field.

Tent went up in 11 minutes, with no help at all. And it rained for a grand total of 15 minutes all weekend. Woooo!

3) Find something to do all day as the music actually starts tomorrow.

Wandered around and got adopted by a group of Scottish girls. Random.

4) Locate my brother who will arrive at an unspecified time in the evening. Or possibly tomorrow. That's planning for you.

Saw brother once all weekend. We were 10 metres away from each other during Goldie Lookin' Chain.

5) Try not to eat a salmonella burger of doom.

Avoided salmonella burger of doom but did have stir fry one night. Internal organs all functioning normally so far…-

6) Go to the toilet once and only once.

Toilets were nice enough… well I say nice, what I mean is bearable. They were open air which was a bugger when one rain storm struck while I was on the loo. It was actually better for the girls as we didn't have to look down whilst going. One lad I was with said looking down was very off putting.

Who rocked?
Ikara Colt
Dogs Die in Hot Cars
Super Furry Animals
White Stripes
Goldie Lookin' Chain
Hundred Reasons
Franz Ferdinand

Who blew chunks?
50 Cent (got bottled)
The Bronx (yes we can all scream over noisy guitars, next)
The Stills ("Are we being self indulgent?" YES, play a song we know)
Dropkick Murphys/Flogging Molly (you are NOT the Pogues and never will be. Stop trying)
Pretty Girls Make Graves (not their fault, their equipment was trying to kill them)
The Open (nevermind the tunes feel the length)
The people who were shouting "Bollocks" at 5am. Sleep.

All good clean fun… unlike Reading which was muddy I hear.

PS Yey Kelly Holmes!

August 26, 2004

Leeds 2004

Just a quick note to say I'm off to the Leeds festival today so therefore today's challenges are:

1) Locate friends from Newcastle who will probably be inebriated by 10am (ie hours before I actually arrive).
2) Set up tent in saturated, Yorkshire field.
3) Find something to do all day as the music actually starts tomorrow.
4) Locate my brother who will arrive at an unspecified time in the evening. Or possibly tomorrow. That's planning for you.
5) Try not to eat a salmonella burger of doom.
6) Go to the toilet once and only once.

Here's hoping…

August 23, 2004

Paula Radcliffe

Actually y'know what, my previous entry led me off on a mental tangent. No, no, don't worry this isn't train related. It's Radcliffe related. And I'm still gutted even today.

Paula Radcliffe is one of my heroes. Most long distance runners are heroes to me and for generally good reasons. And as the greatest female long distance runner of all time, Paula is top of the pile. Don't judge her on this Athens race. I've seen her run races that would make most others runners gasp.

So why long distance runners? Well take a look at the spinters. Muscle bound, hulking super humans with biceps that would make melons look puny in comparison. Both genders. They accelerate and BANG! They're gone, you could never hope to catch them. They're fast and exciting and they take drugs (except the ones that don't… legal arse covering). But isn't that just a little, I don't know, detached?

This is why football is more popular than polo. It's easier to be like Rooney then like some polo player (Prince Charles). And I prefer long distance runner cos it's easier to be one than a sprinter, at least for me it is. Where else am I going to find women in athletics who are physically like me? Tall, skinny, muscle free, flat chested and looking like they are in absolute agony with every step they take. I like Paula cos she looks like she's struggling and human and that's why what happened in Athens only makes me like her more. She's one of us. Steroids and other nasty drugs ruining the sprints don't work on long distance runners (although EPO does).

Anyone can run 100m but those charity fundraising runs are they over 100m? Nope. They are over long distances 5km, 10km or marathon length. It's in the world of long distance that an unknown like my dad can even consider running the big events, in his case the London marathon, as a competitor. For the record my dad never qualified as fast enough to run the competitive London marathon but he came close. When I run 100m in 22 seconds (my personal best which nearly killed me), ie in over twice the time of a proper athlete, it still feels like a disheartening failure. But to run a marathon in the same proportion (about 5hrs) would be amazing and an achievement to me. It may even be possible.

So there you are. I like long distance runners. Maybe you don't. Maybe you like sprinters. Or long jumpers. Or hurdlers. Or hammer throwers… does anyone like hammer throwers?

At Risk of becoming a Train Blog…

As reader's of the previous entry will be no doubt waiting anxiously (ie not arsed in the slightest) to find out how my train related adventures went I shall kepp you in suspense no longer…


Well nearly. A little late, perhaps, back into Cheshire but this was not the fault of the train company (shock horror). In fact they did quite a good job in this case as some scally set out to prove that wearing Burberry and Kappa* at the same time* can seriously impair your ability to function as a human. Now this isn't a chav slagging excercise for the sake of it. This is an actual case of a local scally (who got off at my stop, urgh) getting so drunk that he locked himself in the train's toilet and refused to come out. The nice train lady had every right to go beserk with a screwdriver and a street map of Belgium, but she restrained and needs lots of commending and a pay rise for that.

So Durham and Newcastle. Two places I have only seen fleetingly in the past. Durham is like Edinburgh in that a great word to describe it is undulating. Hills. Hills everywhere. Not nasty, evil hills like the ones in Athens which ruined Paula Radcliffe's day (she's still a hero), but still quite tiring to walk up and down.

And my god it's a pretty place. Wouldn't want to live there (hey, turned down an offer from the uni so I know what I'm babbling about) but it was very picturesque in that vaguely gothic style that befits a major set component for Harry Potter. And my friend who did go to uni there (as indeed did roughly 12 people from my school) took me to see the courtyard of the cathedral with the words "You've seen the Harry Potter films haven't you?".

I'm pretty sure I saw one of them with her but nevermind. Look I can't remember, it's been a long day. There was this scally on the train…

I'm repeating myself now aren't I?

August 20, 2004

Oh dear, they've given me a blog…

Alas, another mad ranting individual with too much time on her hands has located a forum through which she can bore the world.

Mind you, if you lived in Cheshire, you'd have plenty of time to write down your thoughts and ideas and other related neuro-chemical impulses because (and I can't stress this enough) there is b*gger all to do here. This presents a further problem as when there is nothing happening then there is very little to write about. So I'm bored and typing and you're bored because what I'm typing is boring. Everyone loses. Except me in the shortterm because I'm on an egotistical power trip.

And that children is a nice analogy for Stalinist communism. Or something.

So, anyway, this is a test post as much as anything else. Future posts will be more entertaining, more original and probably contain rants about the quality of rail travel in this country today. However they will also be erratic in the regualrity of their appearence, probably due to the aforementioned quality of rail travel in this country. Is it too much to ask that they install wi-fi on all trains and train stations? They'd have a lot fewer complaining customer shouting and screaming cos they'd all be typing emails of complaint instead. Rail staff would be happier. Passengers could look at news or travel information (hahaha) or maybe ebay. Life would be better.

And then the wi-fi would crash…

It's how the next revolution is going to start, I'm telling you.

Right, I'm off to get ready to tackle the legendary (sort of) Manchester Piccadilly to Durham train journey. If you never hear from me again then take a wild guess why. Those Virgin trains sandwiches are EVIL.

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