April 13, 2005

Who To Vote For? Part 3

  • War On Terror/Iraq

Sometimes I regret reading 1984. I really do.

I also wonder sometimes if people have registered the history of this country since the 1960s. Ooooooooh, terrorism be afraid, be afraid of TERRORISM.


Erm, it's not llike we've never had terrorism in this country before. And had it everywhere to, from London Docklands to Warrington just a few miles from where I lived in the quiet of Cheshire.

I think the whole war in Iraq and the War Against Terrorism (TWAT) has been used to cover a multitude of governmental sins. We should not have attacked Iraq when we did, if at all. Simple as. Don't leave comments about this below, I don't have time to have this argument now. Let's just say Labour ignored the wishes of the majority and went ahead with its head held high up GWB's arse.

As a result we've lost a lot of our rights and there is a danger that this could teeter over more into an obsessively regulated state. I don't think it will be this bad but I don't like an atmosphere which brings up the possiblity. ID cards in particular annoy me. I have, and pay for, three forms of legitimate ID as it is. I am not paying for a 4th when I have my, supposedly hard to forge, driver's license and passports. The Tories meanwhile are attacking Blair's 'attacks' on civil liberties but would do exactly the same in his shoes.

It is probably too late to switch to Lib Dem. We're already in Iraq (such a success) and we can't just abandon them now. Unfortunately this issue really does leave me wondering where the common sense went. Where the hope went. I can't change anything about it so I am looking at the other issues to help me make up my mind. This one really is too depressing.

On this issue… no one. Sweet apathy.

  • Local Issues

I've not be leafletted yet. I don't know the local issue yet. Someone should tell me soon. All I know is James Plaskitt is a Blairite kiss arse but one who seems to have some reasonable views on society and local issues. He would appear to be good as a local MP but his record on national issues is at odds with what I want. However he was only about 5500 votes ahead of the Tories here last time round. A vote for the Lib Dems in Leam is probably not worth it.

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  1. Ah, here we are: link

    James Plaskitt, Labour, 5,953 vote majority.

    • Very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals.
    • Very strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
    • Very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
    • Quite strongly for the Iraq war.
    • Very strongly for introducing ID cards.
    • Very strongly for the fox hunting ban.
    • Very strongly for equal gay rights.
    • Hardly ever rebels against their party.

    If it weren't for about half the major issues, I could say I agree with him on all the major issues.

    13 Apr 2005, 14:29

  2. Claire Boardman

    Holly I sallute you! You make me feel not quite so strange for reading manifestos and checking voting histories (here link btw, unless of course that's the link above). I haven't even decided where I'm voting yet, and tactical voting will decide how I vote cause I'm pretty disilusioned with the Labour Party right now. I suffer the injustice of living in Iain Duncan Smith's constituency and would take great pleasure in ousting him, let's hope I get the chance.
    In my old school we used to have mock elections every time something came around, so I can claim it's not my fault that I care – I was poisoned at an early age. We became a borough oddity, as since we were a grammar school we were considered responsible enough not to throw things at the cameras so got to be on tv.

    13 Apr 2005, 16:28

  3. I suffer the injustice of living in Iain Duncan Smith's constituency and would take great pleasure in ousting him, let's hope I get the chance.

    You could throw an egg at him. Maybe he'll punch you? Hillarity will surely ensue whatever you do.

    I wonder if how many people you'd need to egg a politician at all of thier public appearences?

    13 Apr 2005, 22:06

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