January 26, 2005

Warwick 1sts 9–0 Leicester 26/1/2005

"I think the crackers might have swung it" Housemate:Els, 12.05pm, 26/1/2005

I've not written about football in a while which is probably a relief to all my readers (both of you) but I do feel a bit let down by myself. Ok, ok so I had not actually played football for nearly two months but still I've got a lovely purple bruise on my knee from training which is so dark, big and nasty looking that I spent a couple of minutes earlier trying to wash it off thinking it was mud. Mmm…

Anyway, I was meant to play for the 2nds today. They are my usual team and we had a home game against Northampton. Fairly crucial, if we don't do something about our goal difference we are going to finish below the College of Cakes (boo hiss). But last night I got a call from the 1sts captain, Katie, who was short of a goalkeeper, as Malin had lectures and couldn't make the 1sts match as it was away, and the 1sts wanted me. Apparently.

So I found myself at Rootes reception at 11.30am as agreed wating for the rest of the 1sts. Then I realised the problem. Nevermind not having a keeper, we were missing players left, right and centre. It was desperate phone call time, trying to call anyone, 1st, 2nd, retired, dead who was/had been associated with Warwick Women's Football Club and been stupid enough to give us her number. By 12.45 there were seven of us. At midday there were eight. Hanya'a brilliant (ahem) solution was to grab any female walking through Rootes as and ask her to play. This was later extended to any girly looking men.

In the event the only girl we did grab was Amanda who was never likely to agree as we grabbed her on her way to join the hockey girls for their away match against someone or other. The following was me and Housemate:Els's brilliant attempt to recruit Amanda:

Me: "Go on, play footballl for us, we only have eight players"
Amanda: "Let's see… er, no"
Housemate:Els: "Oh go on, it'll be fun"
Amanda: "Hmmm, let me think about this… no"
Me: "Oh come on, we're going to Leicester. Ever been to Leicester? Could be educational and fun"
Amanda: "You know what? No"
Housemate:Els: "We could get you some cheese there"
Amanda: "A-ha-ha-ha… no"
Me: "Cheese and crackers?"
Amanda: "Um…"
Housemate:Els: "I think the crackers might have swung it"
Amanda: "No"

We admitted defeat. In the end we had 11 players. Seven 1sts (three out of their favoured positions) and four seconds. We got lost trying to get there. We always get lost. It's aprt of the day. When we did get there the pitch was terrible. Really, really awful, just sand and stones and sticks everywhere. The ref looked like a short Ronnie O'Sullivan. Hmmm…

And then we kicked off. For about five minutes Leicester came at us quite strong and I was really worried about how this was going to go. And then… then… I'm not sure, it just turned completely. We nearly scored, a lovely break from Hanya and Katie should have been better served by the ref but the 'goal' was given offside. Mere seconds later Housemate:Els sent a ball hurtling across the area which took a slight deflection of some part of Hanya (hand? back? who knows (we do but we're not saying)). 1–0. Minutes later another ball went across the face of goal, missed by two of our players, before Becky put it in. And to round off the half Hanya scored a proper goal. I didn't have much to do in nets except one clearance which involved me and Leicester's striker clattering into each other outside the box. It's why I don't play rugby I think…

In the second half Leicester's spirit collapsed as soon as Katie scored, seconds after play restarted with a great middle distance strike. It was over then. Hanya scored three more, and there were goals from the two central defenders Cat and Soph. Malin (who was able to come with us as we had wasted so much time in Rootes trying to find players that her lecture ended) came close. Jen should have scored. I didn't get much to do although Leicester never gave up and had some good attacks towards the end, none of which, though, resulted in a major threat on goal.

They still invited us to chips at the boat-pub afterwards. Lovely lot.

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  1. And thats why you weren't in when I called round to borrow your Spaced DVDs.

    27 Jan 2005, 00:16

  2. Excellent, well done all of ya! You should have gone up to score a goal yourself, Hol!

    27 Jan 2005, 00:26

  3. yay warwick won! well done!

    27 Jan 2005, 01:40

  4. Els

    … i can't believe you neglected to mention the big "no football" sign that had to be removed from the middle off the pitch beofre kick off…

    08 Feb 2005, 21:14

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