December 20, 2004

Still Bored…

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

James has spoken, we must obey.

Number 1 Why did I bother to write number before the 1, given that it is very obvious to all that "1" is a number?
Why do people insist on saying PIN number when the N already stands for number? Such is life.

2 What is the most keyboard-shaped thing that you brought with you to university?
I didn't bring my cheap Yamaha keyboard with me as I grew bored of the bizarre sounds it creates a long time ago. Except the one that claims to be a trumpet. That sound is sitll funny.

3 Would you centralize all industry, and replace the pound with chicken feet?
Yes. Except for the chocolate sector which must remain independent to encourage competition and the futher reduction of prices.

4 Whose brain would you most like to eat? Why?
My brother's. That way we can consolidate the family intelligence into one easy location.

5 What have you found that you'd most like to throw at Elton John?
My brother.

6 What's your favourite shade of yellow?
Golden. Duh, like there's a choice there.

7 If you had the power, would you eradicate poverty from the world with a few nukes to certain countries?
No, I'm lazy and if I were to acquire nukes then Bush would invade Leamington and lots of innocent students and chavs would die.

8 What are some things that make people nervous around you?
My habit of talking to them. Scares the hell out of most people on the train.

9 What's the best thing you've ever eaten? (this one was too good to change)
Not going there.

10 What is your favourite Emu's name? What about Coyotes?
If I had an emu I'd call it Weddy in a bizarre and convoluted reference to the defining moment in John Major's ill fated leadership of this country. And Wiley for the coyote. Childhood role model and all.

11 Why oh why did you choose the course you're studying?
Too lazy to do a science.

12 What's on the walls in your room? Why? (again, needed no changing) Holes. I play with power tools when bored/horny/sleep walking.

13 Why does Mathew Mannion's blog page slow my computer down to snail's pace? Anyone?? That's the computer's equivilent of a moment of quietness as it ponders the big questions.

14 Which body part of your friends would you most like to own?
Spanky's legs. Don't ask.

15 And which would you most like to destroy?
Gitface's evil, black heart which works with her mouth to get me to do things which are so wrong and degrading.

16 Who's funnier - Pontius Pilate or Josef Stalin?
Stalin. Pissed myself the whole way through my Russia In The Twentieth Century module last year.

17 Have you ever won a trophy? If so, why are you blogging? Do you have a personality defect? Or have you been struck with a crippling disease?
I'm on antibiotics.

18 I'm getting tired of writing these questions. Umm ... ?
Are you a Buddhist?

19 If you won 5 million, how much do I stand to gain?
A question many will ask themselves.

20 What is your favourite time of day, to the nearest minute? Why?
Time is an illusion and all those we are slaves to it are fools. This is what I tell my mum when she asks why I don't go to bed before 2am anymore.

21 What is the best place to live - Jupiter, a snake-pit, or Swindon?
We were arguing about where exactly Swindon is today. I know Spanky was born there but that doesn't narrow it down. Is the snake pit Slash's? Cos my mate who I met at the dentist today looks like Slash. Nothing has happened today to link me to Jupiter.

22 List your top ten tips for a budding power blogger without using the words "blog", "the" or "blood".
1) Be male. There are very few female powerbloggers and even those don't blog that much compared to the guys.
2) Don't have a life.
3) Live in a craphole. Therefore in the holidays you will blog your way to fame as there is nothing else to do.
4) Actually, don't bother, this is my patch.

God I'm so bored.

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  1. Its "Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so" to correctly quote the Scripture (otherwise known as the Words of Douglas Adams)

    And I had Wiley already. So stop copying! ;-)

    20 Dec 2004, 23:24

  2. holly dont pretend you dont love doing the things i suggest dearest.. you know u love being degraded you BITCH (*cracks the whip) mwahahahhahahahahahahahahhah!!!

    21 Dec 2004, 13:19

  3. Darn. I think I need a sex change.

    And it took me 18 and a half years to get used to being female.

    Sigh. Ah well.

    21 Dec 2004, 13:20

  4. Join the males, we're great, and there's so many things to do

    21 Dec 2004, 20:58

  5. why spanky's legs?? huh?? petz said mine were spectacular. so did cara. foxy then replied with a crudeness previously uncredited to her. so, all in all, WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY LEGS? except that their a bit broken at the moment…

    22 Dec 2004, 21:49

  6. Boz, I love your legs on you. But you are the only person in existance with knees mored buggered than mine so I sadly I do not want them for myself.

    22 Dec 2004, 22:41

  7. sorry boz. your legs suck.
    and to be honest, petz thinks anything on any girl is spectacular.

    23 Dec 2004, 15:42

  8. In answer to the PIN conundrum; the reason that they say PIN number is because otherwise they would have to say PI number, which would lead to nationwide confusion amongst mathermaticians, and a lot of 3.141592654 PINs.

    24 Dec 2004, 14:50

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