October 15, 2006

Political Perceptions

Writing about web page http://www.rjayco.com/DeckOfWeasels/

I came across this the other day, a set of cards parodying the US Army’s playing cards of the Iraqi leadership. Basically these cards are called the Deck Of Weasels and are published by a pro-conservative American website. Each one of an enemy of America complete with incriminating quote or description to stir the red-blooded patriots to action. In some cases it does work to an extent:

Allatoyah Khamenei
Al-Bashar of Syria

Unfortunately it soon begins to unravel. For instance, the site lists the ace of spades, the numero uno bad guy, as…

Jacques Chirac?!

Well, the French annoy Americans and possess weapons of mass destruction so I guess you could justify that. But how about those Ruskis?

Vladimir Putin!

Yes, because Don Rumsfeld never shook hands with Saddam… oh, hang on!

Jean Chretien, Canadian PM

Goddam French!

The rest of the cards are just silly. Obvious targets like Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and Jesse Jackson are joined by Republicans like Howard Dean who didn’t unquestioningly follow Bush.

Sheila Jackson Lee

In fact reading these cards left me with the distinct feeling this site was some sort of pardoy of conservatives. Each quote seemed perfectly sensible; put together they were forming a broad and reasonable consensus against the Bush administration’s actions. If the intention was to present these people as cowards then, for me anyway, it was doing a really bad job of it!

And then I began to wonder. If I saw these comments as a perfectly fair indictment of Bush’s policy, how was it possible that someone could have been so incensed by them to present them as the work of ‘weasels’? I know seeing the same thing can lead to people having different perspectives on things but to have completely different views? Wow, that’s the power of politics.

And yet to read these makes you wonder how people can think so differently…

Barbara Streisand
Sean Penn
Peter Arnett
Lesley Stahl

Depressing. How are we ever going to get anything done in this world? We already know the Islamic terrorists aren’t going to listen to reason, and there seem to be those in the west who won’t either. Still, Jeananne Garofalo made this whole sorry discovery worthwhile…

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  1. Haha!! Janeane Garofalo is so awesome! Am I missing something though, what makes Susan Sarandon an obvious target? I wasn’t aware she was particularly anti-Republican, no more than the rest of the so-called liberal Hollywood.

    15 Oct 2006, 21:44

  2. I’m sure the Democrats will be interested to hear that Howard Dean is a Republican, since they nearly voted him to run as their presidential candidate in 2004… bloody lucky escape for them, evidently!

    15 Oct 2006, 22:30

  3. Argh! That’s the second time I’ve done that recently. For some reason my brain just won’t accept that Howard Dean isn’t John McCain! Humph, I’m going to go and beat my brain with a stick now. Catherine gets bonus points.

    16 Oct 2006, 00:18

  4. And there was me thinking it was a joke that was cleverer than I am. ;-)

    16 Oct 2006, 00:57

  5. Dude, with me always assume it’s the dumbest possible option.

    16 Oct 2006, 01:20

  6. Michael Jones

    I want to get myself on one of them!

    27 Oct 2006, 02:27

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