May 15, 2005

Musical Meme Testing

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

I don't normally do these meme things but as I've been invited to by someone who isn't radioactive, I won't say no. Especially as she has knives … someone a lot wiser than me once said don't mess with those blessed with blades.


Total Volume of music on my computer
797Mb which doesn't seem like much but represents about 15% of my meagre hard drive. However in real terms I have 165 CDs in my room at the moment.

The last CD I bought was
I bulk buy- Arcade Fire Funeral, Kaiser Chiefs Employment, Basement Jaxx The Singles, British Sea Power Open Season and The Bravery The Bravery. Yes, I really shouldn't spend so much money on the damn things.

Song playing right now
The Dears 'We Can Have It All'.

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me
1. Manic Street Preachers 'Design For Life'
No song has as much raw power as this one. None. Ask me to pick my favourite film, or whatever, I can't. But this is my favourite song. The best music moment ever was singing along to this at the top of my voice at V2002. Magical.

2. Catatonia 'Strange Glue'
The first band that mattered to me and the second one I ever saw live. It's telling that my early music collection was four tapes, three by Catatonia. This song in particular was great for soundtracking my abstract teenage angsts- it's one of the few songs I know which admits that the stupid things we do are self inflicted and we are utterly complicit in them. Such is life.

3. Muse 'Citizen Erased'
Summer 2001, spent in Chicago with this pummelling away in all its deranged, 7 minute glory. How else are you going to compete with the tallest city in the world? I love how shamelessly pretentious and OTT this is, never be scared to be who you are, no matter how it seems to others.

4. Elastica 'Waking Up'
The 1990s great lost band and their best song. I just like this one because the lyrics are me. "I work very hard/But I'm lazy/I can't take the pressure and it's starting to show". Yup, that's me. Apart from that it rocks like a bastard, is great live and is the one bassline I can't play but really wish I could.

5. Oceansize 'One Day All This Could Be Yours'
Memories of late nights in first year, when everyone else was in bed so I would retreat to my room and do essays to the tune of this severely weird anthem. I guess secretly I just want it all to be mine one day, hehehe…

The Five People I'm passing The Baton On To
Not sure who'll be reading this (and I think most of the major bloggers have already been invited to do this) but they can comment it if they can't blog it…
Anyone else who wants a go

Rock and indeed roll… it's so obvious I'm an indie snob isn't it?

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  1. Gordon R

    Ahh, Holly. Are you here to carry me through the coming long hours as I face a night of speed typing my way through a mountain of work?

    15 May 2005, 21:05

  2. Possibly, I have to go to the pub soon though but I'll probably be back later. My what an exciting life I lead…

    Hangs head in shame

    15 May 2005, 21:18

  3. Gordon R

    Damn me for being in the pub instead of working. Now the punishment is exacted.

    15 May 2005, 21:23

  4. Serves you right… nah, who am I kidding, the number of panics I've had after going to the pub/club/Birmingham rather than doing essays. Far too many lost days. Ho hum.

    15 May 2005, 22:58

  5. Gordon R

    Well the words creek, shit, paddle are springing to mind right now.

    15 May 2005, 23:10

  6. What's the essay on?

    15 May 2005, 23:13

  7. Gordon R

    If only it was an essay, it could be finished and handed in and sod the consequent bad marks. Anyway, Detective Cruise, revealing that might give away too many clues! Although you can have this one – "rhetorical scapegoat".

    15 May 2005, 23:21

  8. I have no idea what that's to do with but then again that's probably the point.

    Shit, my printer just told me it's low on black ink partway through printing my assessed essays. Bugger.

    15 May 2005, 23:30

  9. Gordon R

    Ah, paddle, creek, shit mark II.

    15 May 2005, 23:39

  10. It has two pages to go and appears to be behaving… why must life torture me so?

    15 May 2005, 23:40

  11. Gordon R

    Because out of chaos a dancing star is born (nietzsche)????
    Although I don't think printers were around in his time, I think it was all etchings on a bit of goat hide back then. Best ask Ms Cooper for clarification.
    How about "tortured souls upon this printed page do bleed"? you can put that on your cover sheet and get extra marks for being or so witty-poetical-reflexive.

    15 May 2005, 23:56

  12. Bed now, I think… printer lasted, just. Phew.

    16 May 2005, 00:18

  13. You have better luck than me… Last year my printer decided it had had enough a mere quarter of the way into my marketing coursework at midnight the day before it was due in. Respect to my housemate, Tom, who saved my arse early the next morning!

    You also have the best taste of anyone who has filled in these music things so far. Respect to you too Miss Cruise!

    16 May 2005, 17:31

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