August 18, 2005

Mon Frere


As we drown now in a sea of headlines proclaiming that the A level results rise is the result of dumbing down for the idiot generation, I have decided to declare age war.

Old people who complain about A level results, pay attention!

  • We, the young, get better grades because we are smarter than you.
  • We, the young, get better grades because we are inherently superior coming, as we do, from a more advanced stage of human evolution.
  • We, the young, get better grades because we don't really remember the 1980s and aren't still in shock form what was considered fashion then.
  • We, the young, get better grades because we are all, permanently connected to the internet by broadband and have absorbed all knowledge, ever.
  • We, the young, get better grades because we like accumulating letters more, hence all our ASBOs.
  • We, the young, get better grades because we are being taught by you and if you think you're so smart then maybe you're smartness has translated into good teaching and that's helping us?
  • We, the young, get better grades because we have more exams,under more pressure than anyone ever in the universe, from an early age. It's called practise.
  • We, the young, get better grades because we have more shoes.
  • We, the young, get better grades because we you brought us up and this is your fault.

  • We, the young, get better grades because it pisses off the old, especially in fuddy-duddy Rightist newspapers, that anyone who is young can possibly achieve anything, and we want to stand and laugh as you scramble around looking for whatever pathetic excuses you can to stave off your impending and utter obsolescence.

Well done to my brother who got his uni place today. Ignore the doubters, they're just jealous.

"Because all they know is how to put you down... Cos you know what they mean, they're just jealous, cos they'll never do the things that they that they could do so well"
Razorlight 'Golden Touch'

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  1. Yeah but come on… multiple choice? :D

    18 Aug 2005, 10:17

  2. Huh, athletes perform better and better with each passing competition – thus, records get broken.

    Why aren't people complaining about the 'dumbing down' of the 100m?

    18 Aug 2005, 10:21

  3. Carter

    I'd like to see anyone who says that A-levels are getting easier sit down and actually take one of the fuckers.

    Granted, I found the actual exams a piece of piss, but that's because I WORKED MY FUCKING ARSE OFF FOR TWO YEARS before sitting them. Natch.

    18 Aug 2005, 12:05

  4. my sister can join your brother in the 'people who got their place' club!

    what with all the talk of a-levels getting easier, some people might think the fact she got BCD is a bit dissapointing. However, she is extremely intelligent and (for the record) dyslexic, and i'm very proud of her. She's off to a good uni (Royal Holloway) to do a course which she's made for (geology and physical geography).

    Uni is what really sorts the men from the boys in terms of academic performance, and although my sister might not have gotten straight A's, i have a sneaking suspicion she will shine on her course!

    18 Aug 2005, 12:30

  5. guh?

    18 Aug 2005, 12:45

  6. Well, my bro isn't yet in the ranks of the Uni-fied, but his AS's went well and it's been a pleasure hearing my mum being surprised at his results, which she was dreading because my parents have the belief that because he spends all day up in his room he's just playing computer games and nothing else. But, as his interest is in Game design, surely that'll help anyway?!

    18 Aug 2005, 16:14

  7. Tim

    Holly, congratulations to your brother: where's he going and what's he studying?

    Re. A-Levels. The whole 'getting easier' debate is misguided. Over the last ten years a-levels have become more modular and coursework-based. Comparing this system with the old one is a bit like asking whether the 1968 or 1999 Man Utd team was better – it's a pointless exercise as they played in different conditions and competitions.

    Continual assessment is a good thing in terms of preparing you for regular essay and assignment writing at university and in the workplace. And you make a good point about teachers getting better and conveying their knowledge well.

    Where the system falls down is that students don't have the opportunity to learn in depth. You won't be able to learn as much about a subject if you only study it for a ten week module as compared to over two years. That's why history students find MMW and EW so difficult, they aren't use to having to study such long periods over an eight-month period.

    I think there will be a lot of very bright students coming to Warwick in September who worked hard at their a-levels and have earned the right to be here but I'm not sure the current system pushes them as much as it could.

    I'd favour publishing %ages as well as grades to get a clearer picture of how people are doing and ditching the modular system but keeping coursework. What do other people think?

    18 Aug 2005, 16:19

  8. Jules

    It's all relative, the work is easier if you are given the resources, also the teaching has improved over the years

    18 Aug 2005, 16:37

  9. Chris Doidge

    (old man hat on)

    How the feck can kids be achieving anything when they're all hoodie-wielding chavs?

    (removes old man/journalist hat)

    18 Aug 2005, 16:41

  10. Yes, and they're all on smack.
    And the dole.
    And at their age i was on half the dole and smack they're on. Never did me any harm.

    18 Aug 2005, 21:01

  11. Can I just add my congratulations to my own brother who will be joining us at this fine institution next month? And say: rock on, Holly.

    18 Aug 2005, 21:32

  12. peterg22

    "We, the young, get better grades because we have more exams,under more pressure than anyone ever in the universe, from an early age. It's called practise"

    Erm, I think you mean practiCe – unless you're American of course… ;-)

    PeterG (age nearly 50)

    18 Aug 2005, 23:34

  13. Hey Hol, up to you to read and decide whether I'm agreeing with you or not, but I've just submitted my thoughts !

    19 Aug 2005, 01:06

  14. Jigar Patel

    Exams may or may not be easier than in the past. I believe an independent audit comparing past and present exam papers is required to determine whether exams have become easier. The style, content and manner of assessment of examining students' knowledge of a subject may change, but the difficulty, something I feel can be measured by educationalists, should remain the same. My opinion is that grade inflation, whatever the causes, compromises the A-level 'gold standard'.

    20 Aug 2005, 16:53

  15. The exams are lame, they are easier, way way way way easier. I doubt I've ever done less work in my life than I did in my final two years at school, and I am lazy even at the best of times. Languages, in particular, are a farce – even the most incompetent dumbasses in my school managed to achieve A grades in french, purely because it was just that easy to teach somebody exactly how to answer an exam.

    So many godawful points have been made in this post, but a fair few good ones have arisen too, so I'll go and munch on some toast now.

    21 Aug 2005, 09:44

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