December 18, 2009


Have you drowned in lists yet? As bad as it is when a year ends, when a decade ends the list instinct is even worse. I guess the only reason we’ve not revolted en masse at the pervasive nature of lists (a nature so pervasive that the last two entries on this blog were a list – I’m infected!) is because, for many of us, 31st December 2009 represents the end of a year and a decade. Just a year and a decade.

Ten years ago we had the end of a year, decade, century and millennium. Unless you’re a pedant and want to point out that actually 31st December 2000 was the end of those things. In which case sod off, I have room for one pedant in my life and that role is occupied by my father.

So before we all die of listageddon here are some lists which won’t make you want to remove your own face with a hedge strimmer:

Vice’s Albums Of The Year

A lot of what Vice puts out is shite. This is funny and true. Although Fever Ray should have been higher. Arf.

Britain’s Worst Train Stations

Useful to know so you can avoid spending any more time than necessary there, whilst lamenting their decline. Manchester Victoria in particular has potential to be really nice. Note also they’re pretty much all in the NW of England or London area.

Nine Most Racist Disney Characters

Good for a laugh, and a long, hard think.

Jay-Z – ‘99 Problems’

He has many problems. A list ain’t one.

Movie Bodycounts

Because there’s nothing more entertaining than listing the on screen death tolls for a film! Personally I dispute some of it (how can Star Wars have an onscreen total of 75 when we see Alderaan blown to smithereens in front of us?) but it’s hours of fun.

The NME Cool List

Because it’s funny.

Los Campesinos! – ‘My Year In Lists’

Just cos.

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