September 15, 2004

Leamington Lions 2–3 Fairfield Villa 12/09/04

I love football. So much so that I have joined not one but two football clubs, Warwick Women's FC and Leamington Lions Ladies FC. Funny how with one I'm a woman and at the other (quite erroneously) I'm a lady

Anyway, the WWFC BUSA season hasn't started yet but LLLFC's season has and this was our first game proper as the scheduled first fixture was the week before against Tyburn Aztecs but was cancelled for reasons beest descirbed as obscure.

Anyway a measure of how the game went is the two most common comments I overheard from my position on the bench (as 2nd choice goalkeeper):
"We don't deserve to be losing."
"Glad I didn't sign for this club."
Two of our players live in Birmingham and only joined LLLFC as they are ex-Warwick girls and knew me and one other girl who has also signed for LLLFC. One of the Brum girls literally lives down the road from Fairfield Villa but after this game I don't think she'll be signing for them.

Yellow cards in the women's game are rare. for better or worse (better in my case as I have committed a few red card offences in my time) the refs are softer on us. But someone was carded at this game, a Fairfield girl for "abusive language". In fact all of them were a bit grumpy and, in some cases, downright vicious. Our Polish midfileder Ana got royally clattered by an overzealous defender.

They scored all of their goals early on in the first half as a result of their super-fast attcaker who just left our defenders for dead. At this point we did the sensible thing and dropped Sabrina and Merran, the central defenders, back a bit. This worked and for the rest of the game, especially after they went down to 10 (wo)men after running out of subs for their injuries, we were dominant.

But we couldn't translate this into a win. 2 great goals, including an astonishing free kick form right winger Jenny, weren't enough. Even our brilliant tactic of fielding 4 Lauras failed.

Oh well, they did the double over us last year but I think we can beat them away with a bit of luck.

Warwick's season starts soon… I am looking forward to that as well as I get to be first choice (albeit for Warwick 2nds).

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  1. J

    (I know I'm commenting on the wrong entry, but I can't comment on the one I want to comment on! And this one is the next most relevant!)

    "Google searches for Leamington Lions throw up this site and my blog"

    Just in case you're interested (I'm sure you won't be!), so does google seaches for Fairfield Villa. As I typed that in to try and find their site, to see if they've put a report up on our (I play for Knowle) game against them last Sunday.

    And another 'just in case you're interested' fact, the Fairfield striker you talk about – super fast girl – broke her leg against us in the aforementioned game, so I doubt you'll be seeing her when you play them again.

    However, you will have to play against our super-slow forwards when we play you later this season! I probably shouldn't have said that….


    15 Dec 2004, 00:35

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