July 05, 2006

Laughing At A Crying Man

How things change. Two years ago I defended Cristiano Ronaldo when he cried after Portugal got knocked out of the European Championship semi final. I felt it showed some passion which England players lacked at times. I also felt the loyalty that Manchester United supporters feel towards their players, a loyalty which results from the bombardment of snide remarks which any Man Utd player suffers in this country simply for being a Man Utd player (witness how underappreciated Gary Neville is).

So why did I smile at Ronaldo crying tonight? Not just smile, but feel that smiling was justifiable?

It's not necessarily a result of his behaviour in the quarter final against England… well, actually it sort of is. It's partly because when he arrived at Man Utd he was a little diving git and Ferguson tride so hard to get him to stop doing that, something I highly respect SAF for. But once more, in that quarter he was a'diving and a'cheating. Muppet.

Also did he really expect Man Utd fans to love him for his recent "I want to join Real" style comments? Our club heroes are loyal and talented, not self serving greedy gits. If he honestly thinks Real are more likely to yield trophies than Man Utd then he's taking a huge gamble.

This time around his tears seemed less like genuine emotion than the whining of a spoilt brat not getting his way. Perhaps it was like this two years ago but I didn't see it that way for above reasons. I don't care if he doesn't come back. I'd rather see a broken Ole Solskjaer on the right than that disloyal fool. Talent is nothing to us without commitment. Bobby Charlton was talented but he also came back from a plane crash. Ryan Giggs was stalked by Europe's best for years but stayed at Old Trafford. Eric Cantona retired rather than play for someone else. We've had players who make us proud. C Ronaldo is not one of them.

You lost. Deal with it. Now fuck off to Madrid.

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  1. Given how much he and Rooney have been going out of their way to say there's no ill feelings, what's the bets that should Ronaldo's move to Real fall through, there'll be a rather nasty incident involving a calculated bollock–stamping or similar?

    05 Jul 2006, 22:53

  2. :–) I don't know what the ref was up to tonight, but I don't care. In the name of all the justice in the world, goodbye Portugal, and goodbye Scolari.

    05 Jul 2006, 22:55

  3. Anyone else notice that Scolari looks like Gene Hackman?

    I hate Gene Hackman.

    On a similar theme I submit Miroslav Penn and Lucas Damon for Germany. You know I'm right.

    05 Jul 2006, 23:23

  4. Lucas Damon? It's got to be Michael Damon–Ballack surely? Unless there's some German bloke going round having lots of kids…

    05 Jul 2006, 23:43

  5. Michael S

    someone mentioned big phil and papa dolmio at some point, which i found quite amusing.

    by the way, not a man u fan, but totally agree… fuck off ronaldo you whining ponce.

    06 Jul 2006, 00:48

  6. Allan Smith

    I'm no Ronaldo fan, but some of the hysteria about him has been embarrassing; particularly those that claim he somehow cheated England out of the win. How dare that filthy foreign type let the referee know our good boy Wayne had legally ended Ricardo Carvalho's chances of bearing offspring!

    The worst was a campaign to rig the FIFA young player award (Luis Valencia has now won it, thanks to an email campaign ridiculously telling people "It doesn't matter who you support or if you haven't seen them play, just stop Ronaldo"

    Yeah, cheat and rig a poll. That'll teach the cheat a moral lesson.

    06 Jul 2006, 10:16

  7. In all honesty I didn't support that and I don't think Rooney was sent off because of Ronaldo, but it's just the way it goes with England. We don't want to blame our own players/manager/karma so we blame a convenient scapegoat. In this case it happens to be one who has pissed me off for other reasons, so I dont' particularly care to defend him.

    He probably was the best young player at the tournament as it happens, especially as Rooney and Messi (who are both better players than him generally) were disappointing.

    06 Jul 2006, 10:43

  8. Allan Smith

    My vote went to Barnetta of Switzerland. Interestingly, Theo Walcott got over 4000 votes…

    06 Jul 2006, 11:41

  9. I felt sorry for Ronaldo in the France match. Call me naive but he cheats as much as some of the other players. So he's a little cheeky, but Holly you're right it wasn't his fault Rooney got sent off, he did that all by himself.

    He's skilled, but every sporting event needs a villain..

    06 Jul 2006, 13:56

  10. Hamid Sirhan

    It has to be said… Rooney kind of got himself sent off by doing a Vinnie and trampling over someone's family jewels.

    06 Jul 2006, 14:15

  11. Ronaldo is a fantastic footballer – look at the way he ran rings around the French defence yesterday.
    If you can get away with it, what's wrong with pointing something out to the referee?

    06 Jul 2006, 18:24

  12. what's wrong with pointing something out to the referee

    It's unsportsmanlike and technically against the rules (as far as I know) to actually hassle the referee to book somebody. Also, anything like that with the referee should be left to the captain to discuss.

    06 Jul 2006, 18:34

  13. Dave tCB

    McRonaldo is a diving cheating legend ;–) Sir Alex is hardly known for his love of the English national team and I'm sure he'll forgive and forget and make Rooney do the same.

    Incidently why are there not reports of effigies of Rooney being hanged outside English pubs as happened to Beckham after WC '98?

    06 Jul 2006, 20:08

  14. Sarah

    I would never laugh at a crying man, there's nothing funny about somebody else's misery.

    06 Jul 2006, 20:35

  15. Ah, sportsmanship – I forget that's what winning the World Cup is all about :p. Rules are there to be broken – a good referee never gets pressured anyway.

    06 Jul 2006, 22:23

  16. Very nice of you Sarah, but generally I question whether they've got anything to be miserable about before deciding that.

    07 Jul 2006, 01:28

  17. Hamid Sirhan

    Hey Ben, it's pretty unsporting to stud someone's testicles.

    07 Jul 2006, 10:33

  18. And the young player award goes to Lukas Podolski. link

    The voting on the website was actually only for the final shortlist to be considered by a FIFA panel. They have decided, and their decision is final.

    07 Jul 2006, 11:28

  19. Sarah

    There's an article in the Independent today by James Lawton criticising English football fans for using Ronaldo as a scapegoat, I quote, " revealing double standards of breathtaking proportions and saying tragic things about the English football psyche." I agree with him.

    07 Jul 2006, 12:14

  20. Rooney got sent off for being a thug. He kicked someone in the balls in a World Cup quarter final. Personally, I don't think Rooney should be allowed to play for England at all because of his retard reputation. I'd rather England lost a game than have a retard like Rooney representing the country.

    07 Jul 2006, 12:16

  21. Allan Smith

    Having walked past a newsstand displaying The Sun, I have to admit I now believe it's all Ricardo Carvalho's fault for obstructing Wayne Rooney's foot with his Niagaras.

    The swine!

    07 Jul 2006, 13:07

  22. Hey Ben, it's pretty unsporting to stud someone's testicles.

    I wasn't implying that it wasn't. It was the correct decision to send Rooney off. When I said it was unsportsmanlike to hassle refs to book people, I didn't just mean this particular case. It happens occasionally in the Premiership as well.

    Incidently why are there not reports of effigies of Rooney being hanged outside English pubs as happened to Beckham after WC '98?

    If it hadn't been for Ronaldo's reaction, there probably would have been. Rooney would have become a much bigger figure of hate and blame. Ronaldo's actions have made Rooney look like more of a victim in the public's eyes (even though he's a total pillock for stamping on someone's bollocks) and Ronaldo has become much more of a villain.

    07 Jul 2006, 18:06

  23. "Rooney got sent off for being a thug. He kicked someone in the balls in a World Cup quarter final. Personally, I don't think Rooney should be allowed to play for England at all because of his retard reputation. I'd rather England lost a game than have a retard like Rooney representing the country."


    07 Jul 2006, 21:53

  24. hmm yeah, ronaldo didnt really get him sent off, but half of the portugal team was cheating in every game. It was more shocking against France than it was against England. still, I feel I should point out a few things. from what i saw it was the back of his heel, ie, no studs, no stamping. replays often make things look worse than they were. The player was up very quickly for someone who'd been kicked hard, and deliberately in the Jacob's. rooney said he didnt mean it, and has got away with a 2 match ban :–). however whether he meant it or not you cant really complain about the decision to send him off.

    On a side note, this has been the worst world cup i've seen for cheating/diving and it pisses me off SO MUCH :–(. And this might be the only time in my life I really hope France win the world cup. Oh, and germany for third place… but really… who cares about that.

    08 Jul 2006, 18:16

  25. I meant Podolski looks rather like Matt Damon.

    /delayed response heaven!

    16 Jul 2006, 19:59

  26. DeeDee<3

    Well…I actually loved this world cup! It was filled with people flying in the air,people with balls crushed (hahaha), people that punched and made people's face bleed, some doing a hand stand on someone else's back
    (germany vs italy match) But to be completely honest, Portugal wasn't playing fair AT ALL! 1st, They fucked really badly with Holland and to me, That was totally unacceptable. Allow me to post out some of the shameful highlights!
    No.1 Luis Figo head butted some guy that plays in Holland which caused him to collapse on the ground 5 seconds after being hit from the severe pain!
    (Excellent Portugal,Why don't you just get a shotgun and shoot someone in the head)

    No.2 The shit headed Deco (No offense to those who like him) He took the ball from Cocu while he was about to shoot with a attempt that "atleast" would've been a goal but nooooo someone had to ruin the chance!

    No.3 Cristiano Rolando acts like a girl, he cries too much! S–E–R–I–O–U–S–L–Y!!! He tried to blame Sagnol for pushing him (when Signol barely TOUCHED him) So what did the smartass "C. Ronaldo" do, he thought his charms can fool the referee by begging him to give him a pentaly shot like France did without a purpose =S God, these people are full of shit! I was cheering for Germany and France! And guess why I'm proud of both of'em? Because they all reached so far and I couldn't be any happier. God Bless Them! Anyways, there has to be a little problem or fight to make the game excited, but we never said TOO much fights! I liked the world cup except for the fact that Portugal was in it…I think Ballack was a real hero! And i was proud, Beckham was a sissy in the match between Portugal because he could've rescued his team from losing. Rooney is scary, he gives me the creeps. C. Ronaldo is like a Catholic School Girl no offense to the catholic school girl, because i ain't offending you guys I'm offending HIM Zidane has been more than unfairly treated! He did the right thing by headbutting Matterazi and he'd do it again if he has to!

    I'm out…Take Care Everyone! Love <


    11 Aug 2006, 01:50

  27. ronaldo

    stuuuuupiid dumbass english blog.. i mean wtf? who would u choose to support? ur HOME TOWN WHERE U GREW UP, WHERE UR FAMILY IS AND WHERE U GOT UR SKILLS FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE, or a club that u play for wen ur not representing ur HOME COUNTRY? put it this way.. PORTUGAL is his FAMILY and ENGLAND/MAN. UTD are his FRIENDS. FAMILY ALWAYS COMES BEFORE FRIENDS now please, he did watever it took to make sure his HOME country got as far as they did in the world cup because it had been 40 YEARS since they passed the group stage. its funny how he gets blamed bcoz he was doin the right thing. england always need a scapegoat for why they lose because theyre a star packed team but just cant deliver the goods.

    now i wana reply to deedee who claims portugal was unfair in the game against holland.

    did u miss wen

    1. boularouhz intentionally fouled ronaldo (theres no way u can call that a fair challenge for the ball)

    2. robben and kuyt were warned for constant DIVING

    3. wen deco and figo were on the break and the ref stopped play because carvalho was injured. then wen the ball was taken back into play, holland didnt give the ball back, instead they kept possesion n tried going for goal

    4. when sneijder pushed petit

    5. when figo was elbowed in the face

    now realize how stupid u sound

    u first say this:
    “No.1 Luis Figo head butted some guy that plays in Holland which caused him to collapse on the ground 5 seconds after being hit from the severe pain!
    (Excellent Portugal,Why don’t you just get a shotgun and shoot someone in the head)”

    then this:
    “Zidane has been more than unfairly treated! He did the right thing by headbutting Matterazi”

    firstly figo’s headbutt was WEAK and it was in retaliation to an argument they had. SAME DEAL WITH ZIDANE. zidane put his whole body into it and u act like figo’s was worse.

    im sick of u portugal haters, u dutch and english fans need to realize that portugal were the better team, hence the result, blame ur own team bcoz u have STAR players that are just as good as portugal’s players. why cant they convert their skill into goals?

    13 Sep 2006, 20:17

  28. Has anyone actually read why I was pissed off at Ronaldo in the first place? I feel neglected…

    14 Sep 2006, 00:01

  29. Lupita

    Man poor Cristiano i hate seeing my man like that but DAMM my homboy still looks good! thats what im talkin bout

    14 Sep 2006, 02:20

  30. jasmin

    no one should be mad at ronaldo, support your home country!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20 May 2007, 15:08

  31. jasmi

    ronaldo you r da best!!!!! everyone wants you on their team, thought about why they’re jealous?

    20 May 2007, 16:10

  32. C.Ronaldo7_17

    fuck off yealous losers !!! you are bad losers!!
    Portugal have beat england, AGAIN!! Portugal is soooooooo MUCH better than england !! >> FORÇA PORTUGAL <<

    08 Jun 2007, 21:31

  33. C.Ronaldo7_17

    you englisch people think football is war ore something,
    if someone have beat you fear or unfear, you still think it’s unfear, you are here the crying ‘fans’ !!
    btw: witch dumbass stamps on someone things ?!! YEP, THAT’S RIGHT MONKEY-ROONEY !!
    C.Ronaldo didn’t even blaim rooney, but rooney had blaim Ronnie !!
    C.Ronaldo & Manchester United & Portugal Are The Best In The World !!

    (holly, you are one of the jealoust person i’v ever seen !!
    you have to go find life !!)

    08 Jun 2007, 21:43

  34. Oh dear C.Ronaldo7_17… whilst it is nice of you to come to this article I would have appreciated it if you had actually read it properly. Or read it at all. If you had you would see that all those months ago I was annoyed because it looked like Ronaldo was going to dump Manchester United (as you correctly point out, the best team in the world) and go to Real. Not because he put England out of the World Cup (which he didn’t really, he wasn’t amazing in that game and it was other players who did more damage).

    Being disloyal to your club is a bad thing. Naturally when he decided to stay at Man Utd I felt much more amenable to him, and now quite like him. Maybe next time you might like to read the article in question before making inaccurate statements about what I think.

    09 Jun 2007, 00:45

  35. Allan Smith

    I like how C.Ronaldo7_17 dumps on ‘MONKEY-ROONEY !!’ and then lauds his club seconds later.

    PS. Kaka is a better player.

    10 Jun 2007, 01:16

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