February 27, 2005

Just When You Think It's Safe…

Oh bollocks.

I've been up for about half an hour after having been flat out in bed since 7.30pm yesterday! Yeah, I know, 14 hours. As someone who usually gets about half that and feels damn good on it, that's amazing. Even if I stay up until 5am (not a hypothetical situation) I'd still be up within about 8 hours looking for cereal and a new pair of socks.

What happened? Guess.

Begins with an M.

Seriously I blog about them far too much.

So unimaginably painful (normally).

You're getting bored of them now.



Well why am I even blogging this? Well firstly there's the freakishly long time I spent asleep. And this was properly asleep. Normally when I take my drugs they just knock me into a doze but this was actual asleep. With weird dreams like having all my friends in my bedroom, which never happens because no one ever comes into my room except me. Also I awoke having written down the important revelation that "Scientist in French means 'Short person with opinions'". Ok, good to see that my ability to hallucinate under the influence of Naratriptan is undiminished. Good thing too, I left my phone on the other side of the room as in the past I have been known to text people with the most bizarre crap.

The main thing that intrigued me about last night is the pain. Or lack of.

The headsplitting agony (no, I am not being unnecessarily melodramatic) which normally accompanies these episodes was conspicuous by its almost total absense. The aura (distorted vision thing I get which precedes the pain) was really fast to take hold. Normally I spend a few minutes wondering what's going on with my vision, this time I went from fine to totally unable to see within about a minute, surely a new record. So this didn't behave like a typical migraine at all.

I'd like to think that I'm finally reaching the end game of it. Both my parents had headaches (mum had migraines, dad had the man version- cluster headaches) but these both stopped eventually, although dad's have made a recent return some 30 years later. So can I hope that this si the beginning of the end?

  • Are they going to get less harsh? This one wasn't as bad as they normally are.
  • Are they going to get less frequent? It's been nearly three months since the last one. That's the longest I've gone headache free in a very long time.
  • Am I going to finally be free of these things? By my very nature I'm not optimistic but it would be nice.

I personally suspect now is not a great time to measure this potential disappearance. I'm about to get to the first ever assessed essays and exams I will have had at uni safe in the knowledge that I have to do well and get good grades if I'm going to get what I want in life. Oh joy, stress. If I can get through this without too many migraines, and it is possible, then I might be able to get rid of them.

I'm not going to be an optimist here. That's a job for someone else.

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  1. Good luck then

    27 Feb 2005, 10:59

  2. I'll be an optimist. Good luck.

    27 Feb 2005, 11:07

  3. Mathew Mannion

    Good luck Hol

    27 Feb 2005, 11:41

  4. aye, fingers crossed to you

    27 Feb 2005, 11:52

  5. Indeed, good luck! hope they go away!

    27 Feb 2005, 21:04

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