February 08, 2009

Jo Brand Vs The BNP

Writing about web page http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1133142/New-BBC-taste-row-police-probe-Jonathan-Ross-stand-Jo-Brands-anti-BNP-joke.html

I think it’s a terrible shame Jo Brand isn’t held in slightly higher regard in this country. Perhaps she upset too many people years ago by being too overtly feminist (cos, y’know, feminists are, like, well scary) but she doesn’t get the credit she often deserves for creating great jokes.

Her latest escapade appears to have created an odd situation. She’s managed to upset the BNP. This isn’t very odd in itself, upsetting the BNP can often be done using very simple methods, like producing melanin in large amounts, or being a bit foreign. But apparently she upset them on ‘Live At The Apollo’ by making the not particularly hilarious gag by her standards of implying that the publication of their membership list meant she knew who to post poo to.

This has been pounced on by the BNP who are accusing her of inciting a racist act.




Yup, this is what the Daily Mail said:

The following day [after the show’s broadcast], Simon Darby, the BNP’s deputy leader, made an official complaint to Hammersmith police alleging that Brand’s comment had been an act of incitement to cause racial harassment… ‘The BNP is technically an ethnic group and, under Section 26 of the Race Relations Act, we would suggest there are grounds that an offence of incitement to commit racial harassment has been committed.’

This is confusing. The BNP are a racial group? Really? How on earth does that work? Does voting BNP come as part of a specific genetic package, like black people of African origin are more likely to have sickle cell anaemia, or oriental people are more prone to lactose intolerance, or Celts are more susceptible to sun burn on cloudy days? Are WASPs more likely to vote BNP because they are WASPs (not to be confused with wasps who don’t vote because they are usually disrupting picnics on election day).

After claiming they’d be using the Human Rights Act (which they oppose because they are anti-EU) to try and suppress the list, they are now claiming that they constitute a separate ethnic group. It’s a joke right? It’s a big dose of satire, so big that they’ve even roped in premier satirists like Jo Brand. Is this what Chris Morris has been up to recently?

Because surely having a political party for one ethnic group only is a bit, y’know, racist?


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  1. If the BNP constitute an ethnic group in their own right, does that mean that the rest of us can disclaim any and all similarities with them?

    08 Feb 2009, 22:16

  2. Sue

    I think people tend to not like Jo Brand because of the way she looks, particularly men. I saw an article about her this weekend too and it became plain that the men amongst us weren’t very taken with her. Later we went to the pub and got talking about ladies fashion in the form of low cut trousers and how this fashion isn’t very flattering unless you’re very slim, we saw some examples of this in the pub. Later a woman came in with thick, light grey jogging bottoms on (the sort that are elasticated at the ankles) and I said “They’re definitely worse, though” to which my partner said “I don’t think so” I said “are you kidding?” and he said “No, it’s not so much the fashion as what’s in them” I was a bit shocked at first but when I had a closer look I could see what he meant. I wasn’t aware he was that observant when it came to things like that so it was quite refreshing.

    08 Feb 2009, 23:17

  3. But the BNP loves racism, its the basis of their whole political platform! Personally I would be thrilled to upset the BNP, thats surely a sign that you are doing something right.

    Sue’s point that some men are fat-ist is truly controversial.

    09 Feb 2009, 00:52

  4. ue

    Apparently I was wrong about that. when I asked him outright what he didn’t like about Jo Brand, he said ihe isn’t keen on her because she has a chip on her shoulder.

    09 Feb 2009, 06:29

  5. Sue

    I meant Sue, I keep forgetting you have to press harder with this laptop.

    09 Feb 2009, 06:30

  6. I’m not sure what’s funnier: the comments on the DM article, or the correlation between the comment and the rating it gets..

    So she thinks its ok to support Labour, after all they’ve done?
    What have the BNP done to this country, in comparison to Labour?
    I don’t support the BNP, but for her to claim some moral high ground takes the biscuit.
    Dino Fancellu. Rating: +710

    Its ‘mildly amusing’ for idengious Brits to be the subject slander and petty jokes (And at a time alot of them received various threating phone calls and the like) , but when a white person dares define Islam as ‘vicious and wicked’ its race hate of the century, it requires millions and millions of pounds to bring justice to this despicable person, how dare he say that.
    While it was ‘a joke’ even if a bad one, if she had turned around at a list of Jewish preachers for example and said, “Now we know who to send the bacon to’ as an example,she’d be publicly hanged!! What is this? One rule from them, another for us. A key concept British Imperialism was divide in Conquer, and funny the very tactic now bares down on us.
    V, Bristol. Rating: +374

    ... Racism works both ways and just because this fat left-wing bigot doesn’t like the BNP, she is covered under the same laws that,rightly, protect any ethnic group from insult and harassment. ...
    F.U., Coventry, England. Rating: +212

    Take her with a pinch of salt.
    VJB, London. Rating: -209

    The BNP are already the biggest joke in political history.
    Chris D, S.Yorkshire. Rating: -262

    What’s wrong with sending poo to BNP supporters? They post enough of their own on this site after all.
    Jerry Clark, Glasgow. Rating: -331

    09 Feb 2009, 10:25

  7. I would have thought that political parties have to be open to everyone, do they not? Sounds like, as you say, the BNP have specific genetics in mind when recruiting.
    Of course, I’m only saying this because I wouldn’t be able to join, what with looking Greek and that.

    09 Feb 2009, 13:09

  8. VJB, Chris D and Jerry Clark are far too sensible for the average commenter on the Mail’s website. Jerry Clark in particular is a comedy genius.

    Gav, I’m sure you could join if you dye your hair a slightly lighter shade and chased some Poles and Indians around with a flaming pitchfork. But it is amusing in light of recent BNP attempts to recruit from Sikh and Hindu communities by pushing an anti-Muslim angle. I’m not familiar with the racial theory which groups Anglo-Saxons and Sikhs together apart from Muslims, especially as the latter two aren’t racial groups but religions.

    Of course any sensible person can point out that there’s no such thing as a British race, either. Sigh.

    09 Feb 2009, 13:43

  9. Well, I don’t know about you lot but I’m 100% pure British. Ingurlaaaan Ingurlaaan Ingurlaaaand. Etc.

    Personally I’m disappointed with the lack of imagination on the vigilante front that’s been directed towards those who had their names and addresses published on the BNP member list.

    09 Feb 2009, 19:16

  10. Posts like this is why I and everyone else loves you, Hollinder Cruisingtwine.

    09 Feb 2009, 21:42

  11. Moz

    Holly, why did you take a quote from a D*ily M*il article??? Wasn’t it in your beloved Guardian?

    10 Feb 2009, 20:18

  12. jB

    Haha, I’m with Luke Parks – spot on!

    Seriously though, I have new found respect for Jo Brand now. Excellent, just excellent!

    Great post.

    28 Feb 2009, 16:35

  13. phill

    I think most of you need to pull your heads out your ass’s,
    Labour and tory have… killed hundreds if not thousands in wars where we should not have been, under equiping soilders, allowing western corporations to use child labour, let peodophiles off with a slap on the wrist, rapists and murdrers let out early, letting old folk die in their homes without proper care or support while they give to the scroungers and milk trillions for themselves, destroying a nations wealth, allowing crime to rise with soft punishments

    all while they kiss their kids goodnight.

    24 May 2009, 21:31

  14. Holly

    Indeed Phill, great reasons to vote Lib Dem or Green. Cos the BNP will do fuck all to make any of that better whilst making everything a lot lot worse.

    24 May 2009, 23:21

  15. Kate Smith

    I expect Hitler was looked upon as a German loving sort of guy when he first popped up. There are many things wrong with this country including a limp wristed attitude to crime and immigration. However, as much as I would love to pull out of Europe because it is true that many people died for our freedom from the very rules and regulations we are now seeing and that includes people from the West Indies, India, Australia infact all over the commonwealth. These people are now forgotten just like the Gurkhas they are treated with disrespect.

    I want a political party that will take us all black, mixed race, white all of us Brits and lead us out of Europe so our farmers can support us and we can look after our own politics. Tory and Labour have proved this is beyond them so if we don’t look out the BNP will creep in like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    28 May 2009, 11:17

  16. Starance

    Eleanor O’Donnell,

    If your Irish, or support Ireland, I could understand why you don’t like the BNP, because of the colours tends to support?

    Luke Parks says “If the BNP constitute an ethnic group in their own right, does that mean that the rest of us can disclaim any and all similarities with them?”

    Luke, I wonder if it were not the British National Party representing the indigenous peoples, and it were another, they would still be considered racist, fascist and all the rest of it.

    27 Jul 2009, 15:56

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