June 09, 2005

Irrelevant Degree Related Crap IV – Station Approach

Follow-up to Irrelevant Degree Related Crap III – Danger! from Hollyzone

For the non-Mancs out there Station Approach is the road leading from Piccadilly train station to the city centre and is, if you're a Cheshire resident on a day out to somewhere which isn't shit, the home straight on the journey. It's also a track on the new Elbow album which I want. Now. Not in September.

Anyway, one more exam and all my fears about this exam lark have pretty much some to nought. I've only done the blag* once. Hell, I've actually done some revision which is unprecedented and worked. Who'd have thought it? The only byproduct has been that as a result of the library time I now have an irrational loathing of silence and several unnecessarily expansive library doodles. Oh and a borderline addiction to caffiene (Red Bull) but I'm broke so I can go cold turkey on that quite easily. Anyway, this pseudo PDP crap is nicely cathartic and roll on Saturday when I've genuinely finished.

Pointless Aside.
There have been a couple of people on here recently complaining about people saying "haytch" not "aytch" for the letter h. I say "haytch" and I can assure you it is perfectly normal and correct… in Ireland. Cultural imports citizens. Tough luck really…

*Written the essay I wanted to write and then twisted the conclusion to make it look like I was answering the question which was actually set.

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  1. Ah, Station Approach… it's 11 years since I lived in Manchester but when I come out of Piccadilly and walk down there I always think to myself "I'm back home!!" I love Manchester!

    09 Jun 2005, 18:37

  2. I love Manchester too. And Elbow. I'm going seeing Elbow soon too. Yay!

    09 Jun 2005, 22:59

  3. Good luck Holly.

    I finish Monday…finally…

    10 Jun 2005, 10:27

  4. Gordon R

    Hey Holly! Finish those pesky exams and get yourself out again. We need you and that mouth of yours!

    10 Jun 2005, 13:08

  5. Dave tCB

    Always thought it was spelt "aitch" if indeed it ever needed to be spelt. How do the Irish spell the rest of the alphabet? One for post-exams maybe.

    10 Jun 2005, 14:11

  6. when do you finish hol?

    10 Jun 2005, 18:38

  7. I'm from Manchester and I hardly ever use Station Approach. The bus is much cheaper even if it does take an hour to get in. It's also cheaper than the bus into Stockport, which only takes 20 minutes. Different companies have different price schemes, and Stagecoach are screwing the consumer again.

    10 Jun 2005, 19:51

  8. David Wouldn't mind using the old buses but there aren't any in Cheshire's delightful bitch towns. Do our uni student passes work on the Manc Stagecoachs I wonder. They should, we give them enough of our time, patience and cash to justify it.
    Gloria Tomorroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! You?

    10 Jun 2005, 21:12

  9. so are you top bing on monday?
    – i dont finish until monday… im hoping to get quite inhibriated (spelling?) would like to top b.. just have to get through until 5pm on monday

    10 Jun 2005, 23:52

  10. Quoting Holly, reply 8: "Do our uni student passes work on the Manc Stagecoachs I wonder?"

    Unfortunately not. Tried it on Stagecoach Chesterfield when I'm back at home. If you look on the back, it says something about only being valid in Warwick, Leamington, Nuneaton and Bedworth or something. The driver in Chesterfield had never even heard of them.

    11 Jun 2005, 00:36

  11. Hey Holly, what's the deal with the crazy favourites categories? I'm hungry and intrigued… though the hunger may be unrelated.

    12 Jun 2005, 12:58

  12. Food is good, indulge in it. I find it allays hunger (I am hungry). As for the favourites categories… I was bored, but I can assure you that when I lived in Cheshire there were bats living in the roofs but here I have not seen any therefore I must conclude that there are more bats up north.

    12 Jun 2005, 16:17

  13. Not many bats around Stockport. Not even in the belfry. We did used to have a pigeon problem (it makes an interesting noise when you hit a pigeon with a church bell, and it isn't particularly good for the pigeon), but that's been sorted out now.

    12 Jun 2005, 17:32

  14. hannah


    24 Oct 2006, 07:27

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