September 17, 2004

Interview From Nicholas Hudgell

1. What would your favourite pet animal be and why?

Ah, here's a good question with an odd answer. I'm a goldfish person. But not just someone who gets a forlorn looking thing in a plastic bag at a fairground and watches it die two days later. No, over the years (and I mean years) myself and my dad got pretty damn good at raising huge, if slightly bonkers, goldfish.

Some were rescued from fairgrounds. I'll never forget the bonfire night when my mum told me I was not to win anymore fish at the fair. So I didn't. I went to the stall where the goldfish were the booby prize for losers and spectacularly failed to get any of the hoops over the 'proper' prizes. Mind you I doubt I could have got the hoop over them anyway, but that's not the point.

Goldfish, especially Fantails, are pretty and low-ish maintainence, and as soon as I have a house of my own I'm getting some more.

2. Your porn star name is your first pet's name and your first street name put together. What's yours?

Flipper Rose.

Absolutely filthy.

3. If you could have a famous person cook you dinner, what would you have him/her cook and who would it be?

Lasagne as cooked by

oooo, that's a hard one. There's a choice there between getting a TV chef who would definitely make a good lasagne, and could possibly teach me to cook one as well, or getting a famous person I want to meet to make it so I could talk to them.

Chef-wise it would have to be Nigella Lawson. Deila, Oliver and that lot don't really appeal to me, I can't watch their shows, but on occasion I have sat through Nigella's show (not that I have any culinary skills to show for it).

However, if it was a famous and interesting person, then I would want Steve Bell, the Guardian cartoonist. Yes I know it's an obscure choice (Gary Larson is better known), but I'm a huge fan of cartoons and comic art, and I draw a lot myself. I'd want to ask how he got started, how to get a decent career out of something like that

and how to make lasagne of course.

4. What would you like your first childs (if you plan to have children, or have children) name to be.

I'm not a big fan of children. I don't mind other people's but I don't have much in the way of child rearing skills (what with that and being unable to cook I'm a bit useless really).

But naming children is a fun game. I wouldn't go for any really odd names because the kid will get teased and resent it. My brother, Kyle, disliked his name for many many years, no doubt due to the chart success of a certain singing Australian midget.

With girls I like Gaelic names. Siobhan or Niamh, although this can cause I problem with the utter inability of the English to spell these names or say them when they see them written down (my dad long ago gave up trying to get people to pronounce his Gaelic name, Cathal). But I also like Trish, even though it the name of both my mother and godmother.

Boys names

I like Richard or Sean (but not Shaun/Shawn) or possibly, if I had a different surname, Nial.

5. If you are doing your degree, or have done one, would you rather you had done a different one? Or are you completely 100% satisfied with the one you are doing?

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that my degree, history, going into second year, could not possibly be any better. I absolutely love it, even though I have no idea what I will do with it once I'm finished. I think not having a clear idea of the sort of job I want has made sure I only ever picked subjects (at GCSE, at A level and at Uni) which I wanted to do and enjoyed. That's why I think I got good grades.

If anyone wants an interview then leave a note in the comments section but be warned that I ask unusual questions...

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  1. good answers!

    17 Sep 2004, 09:58

  2. unusual is good…

    bring it on :-)

    17 Sep 2004, 10:21

  3. 1) If you had to choose to be stranded, Tom Hanks style, in an airport for years, where would you get stranded?

    2) If you had to send our beloved vice chancellor a compilation CD with 5 songs on it, which 5 songs and why?

    3) Who was the best Beatle?

    4) Has anything interesting ever happened to you whilst in a car?

    5) Which sport should be banned for the good of the nation?

    17 Sep 2004, 14:15

  4. Can I have some different questions please? :)

    17 Sep 2004, 14:58

  5. 1) Have you ever had a conversation with someone who you couldn't understand due to impenetrable English accent and how did you cope?

    2) Have you ever "borrowed" anything from a place of work and did you ever find a use for it?

    3) Does going to the Colleseum ever make you feel old?

    4) If you were made godfather to a friend's child what exactly would you do for the sprog?

    5) Which celebrities should be forced to mate and what possible use would their offspring be?

    17 Sep 2004, 17:12

  6. your supposed to add:

    This is what you do:

    1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
    2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
    3. You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
    4. You'll include this explanation.
    5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed

    17 Sep 2004, 18:45

  7. Ah, well that's just me being rubbish as usual. Apologies :)

    17 Sep 2004, 18:54

  8. hehe no probs :D

    17 Sep 2004, 23:41

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