August 14, 2005

Gold Medal For Paula

Writing about web page


Fucking yeah!

[insert another monologue about the general greatness of Paula Radcliffe]

This year I am definitely getting myself into a race of some description, there's no point having a hero and not even trying to emulate them in some way.

Holly's running – 14/08/05

Currently capable of doing about 3 miles in 30 minutes without completely knackering self. Good but has been standard for about 6 months now.

Plan by December Either be doing do 3 miles consistently in 24 minutes or doing 4 miles in 38 minutes. Tough task…

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  1. Good for you! It's nice to see that the idea of sport being an inspiration is actually working for some people. And good for Paula as well, it's about time she won a title to show for her unquestionable ability.

    I think 3 miles in 24 minutes is a tough target; maybe 4 miles in 38 will be more reachable but it depends how much you train. I'm currently doing 5 miles in 50mins, I want to make it 5 miles in 45mins soon.

    If you're serious about it, entries for next year's London Marathon are currently being accepted, and registration will be open for the next couple of weeks. You might want to give it some thought. :)

    14 Aug 2005, 22:18

  2. I recall being able to do the run I had to do at school in 13 minutes, that was somewhere between a mile and a half and two miles. I was never very good at it though, everyone else used to beat me. I used to walk a not-insignificant amount of it too.

    3 miles in 24 minutes is very reasonable once you're at the standard where you can do the whole distance without walking. I've not done any long-distance running since PE lessons though, I tend to just stick with being a good sprinter.

    15 Aug 2005, 00:16

  3. nick

    Good idea – getting fitter will improve your soccer no end :)

    15 Aug 2005, 08:38

  4. even for a goalkeeper?

    I imagine ultimate frisbee would improve goalkeeping skills since it relies on crazy reflexes and mad diving ability.

    15 Aug 2005, 09:58

  5. just you wait dude, i have evil circut plans for the seconds next year mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha just kidding i don't think i could get away with that.

    what if you started running and i drove behind you with a cattle prod and every time you slowed down gave you a little poke? or i could set hungry poodles after you? oh please let me be your coach, i have hundreds of these…

    15 Aug 2005, 12:27

  6. hundreds of plans or hungry poodles?

    15 Aug 2005, 12:52

  7. Wes Walker

    Hmmm… I can never tell how far I've run :o( How do you guys know? I don't wanna buy one of those fancy watches that cost like £30000 each…

    15 Aug 2005, 13:26

  8. you look at a map

    15 Aug 2005, 13:33

  9. Peter o Peter

    Looks like she didn't do a radcliffe this time and give up like a loser

    15 Aug 2005, 13:39

  10. A pedometer will cost you less than a fiver – maybe even as little as £2.50. It'll count the number of paces you make as you run, and then by estimating the length of your strides you can work out the distance covered.

    15 Aug 2005, 19:18

  11. Amit I was thinking that 4 miles in 38 was a better goal, and by better I do of course mean easier. Not sure about next year's London marathon (must check dates) but I do want to run it. It's a parent thing, my early memories of my dad often revolve around him being a long distance runner.
    Andy (and Nick) You'd be surprised how much stamina a keeper needs. Especially when you're getting hammered regularly like can happen with the seconds.
    Boz You and circuits? Will that come around the same time you go teetotal and take vows of chastity and obediance to Niamh?
    Wes I get a street map and a ruler. £1.70 if you actually buy both items and don't just nick the ruler.
    Peter o Peter "Doing a Radcliffe" round here means either:
    a) Running impossibly fast on your way to victory.
    b) Doing a) but with a wee break.
    Trust me, anyone who has ever tried long distance running would know that Athens was not the sign of a loser, just someone having the worst day a runner can have.

    15 Aug 2005, 19:22

  12. I was always made to be in goal at school, because nobody liked me much and I was rubbish at kicking anything in the right direction. This one time the tennis ball did fail to hit the wall behind me for about 45 minutes though.

    15 Aug 2005, 23:38

  13. My brother was a school legend when it came to cross country running, winning many a cross country championship. So naturally my PE teacher dragged little ole me to the mother of all interstate cross country championships, believing I'd be the same. I distinctly remember as I ran towards the crossline that at least with the older chap behind me I wouldnt be last. And then he dropped out. Of the 400 11–16 kids running that day, I had come last and that hurt.

    I cried a little that day and have done so everyday since.
    Running is bad, dont do it kids :P

    16 Aug 2005, 21:27

  14. silent runner

    holly; the smart kind of "race"ist :D

    16 Aug 2005, 22:16

  15. paula radcliffe looks like an emaciated rat. and she's a total attention seeker. like when she quite that race that one time, was that the olympics? i dont remember

    19 Aug 2005, 21:52

  16. Quiet Lexmond (good to see you got home ok), Paula is an inspiration to skinny, wiry people everywhere fed up with images of muscle bound, healthy looking sprinters, footballers and rugby players. What better role model is there than someone who looks like every race is absolute agony from the first step to the last? That's how I feel when I run after all, hehehe…

    20 Aug 2005, 14:31

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