January 19, 2005

George III

20.34 Ok, I am honestly, definitely doing this essay tonight and tomorrow night. I have to, it's in for Friday. I need 2000 words on George III's first twenty years in power. So far I have exhausted most forms of procrastination. My MSN isn't working, thankfully, due to Housemate:Mike downloading something and eating all the bandwidth. This is a relief as I thought my expensive new Ethernet LAN card was defective. Chances are it is anyway, but I can't know for sure now, which is nice…

I've done 212 words. The introduction and a small part of the first paragraph. I went to University House's spanking new Learning Grid today. The plan was to be there from about 11am till 3pm then go to the gym. The actual itinerary for that timeframe, however, was more like
11am-12noon Get sandwich in Union, annoy Housemate:Mike whilst he was working on One World Week, go to shop several times due to indecision, go to library.
12noon-1pm Visit Claycroft and annoy Amanda for an hour, try to make her sound enthusiastic about umpiring a hockey game at 2pm in the rain, fortunately I think the alcohol still sloshing around in her system from last night helped her survive.
1pm-2pm I'm not sure what happened here. All I know is I might have been in the Learning Grid but very little got done. Listened to The Postal Department. Thanks for recommending that Jen.
3pm-4pm Gym. Then I got a bus home. Saw Amanda on the way to the busstop, she's made the courageous decision to avoid a hangover today by getting drunk before she sobers up again. Trouble is when she does sober up she's got work to do. Just like I have now. Right, head down, eyes on the goal…

21.25 Yes I know I'm bored because I have just spent 10 minutes on Google trying to find a picture of the woman who wrote the book I am currently reading. She looks friendly. I want to meet her and tell her I like her book, which I do. I just don't like this essay, that's all. 465 words, 6 footnotes.

Mmm, just read something amusing written by Sam. Good to see someone else I know is suffering with work as well. I was worried as the only other people I know who have stayed in to do work are Niamh and Winnie and chances are their interpretation of work currently involves watching a film.

Damn I'm hungry…

21.52 At least Manchester United won. Conclusive proof that we are better than Liverpool. And Exeter. But not Chelsea. Dammit. I'm still hungry and I've only done 814 words but I can't take the hunger anymore so I am off for a break and some cream crackers. Hopefully there will be some non-mouldy cheese left unattended in the house which I can have.

22.05 No new words, but I haven't gone for food yet either. Decision time. I'm aiming for 1500 words tonight then I shall finish it tomorrow. No problem if I can just get my arse in gear…

22.38 I've eaten and read most of the NME and now I want to tell you an anecdote. Last night I was 'working' and a thought popped into my head. I had to give something to Soph the next day. And then I heard Soph's voice. I was worried I was going mad until I realised I actually was hearing Soph's voice and she was outside scaling our garden wall and then opening the gate to let her housemate Ro in as well. They then climbed in through Housemate:Els's window.

A brief investigation relvealed that they had gone to the Union event with Shola Ama and were a bit drunk. Els had jokingly asked them to bring her chips from Viali's and feed them to her through her window. So they did. Took us half an hour to get rid of them, half an hour which included an argument about an episode of Simpsons which Soph is sure exists and no one else has any recollection of. Tramapoline? Yes dear, very nice…

Now dad's on the phone. This essay will never get done…

23.05 Brain aches, but I've got 1107 words and I can't stop now!

23.23 I know when to admit defeat and that time is when you turn your printer on and it starts making noises which sound like the opening chords to 'The Power' by early 1990s dance music fools Snap. Yes, I know, obscure music references are the first sign of a tired mind so with 1199 spell checked words I am admitting defeat and going to bed before midnight for the first time in… erm… er… I'm not entirely sure. But who cares, I'll finish it tomorrow.

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  1. myself and the lovely niamh have actually been working very very hard tonight, i am digressing from my usual asian subtle-as-a-brick "i'm going to be a fmous architect/ninja/sensai" attitude because i need to take a break as i cant handle the rate at which we are gtting constructive work done.

    19 Jan 2005, 23:39

  2. Don't mention work, please. I'm currently seeing how long I can go before having to give in and actually hunt down the texts for the European World literature report. Still, no reading for the European World seminar tomorrow, that's a bonus (although you never know what Humfrey Butters might ask about next).

    20 Jan 2005, 00:58

  3. Urm an episode of the simpsons with a Tramapoline, it wouldnt happen to be this one: Barts Inner Child which I also found a site which has the story in a few screen shots here link

    I know the Simpsons too well.

    20 Jan 2005, 01:02

  4. She took over my computer for the night and then proceeded to impersonate me. For the record Holly, we actually did do work (Niamh copied some essay notes from www.copytheseessaysfree.com and I sat dutifully on my desk designing foundations), we didn't watch any film.

    And congratulations, you are over halfway through your essay woohoo!!!!!!

    20 Jan 2005, 11:42

  5. Winnie, I should have guessed from such clues as the awful spelling and non existant capitalisation and other such poor grammar that it was Niamh writing and not you.

    And Chris, you mean Soph was right? I'm not telling her, hehehe…

    20 Jan 2005, 18:12

  6. Steve Curran

    'I've eaten and read most of the NME…'

    I have to admit that sentence fragment made me worry for a minute about what the essay was doing to your mental health. Hope you got everything finished ok. xx

    22 Jan 2005, 15:21

  7. Mr Troy

    I have randomly turned up at this blog (nice football action btw) via a friends, and I see Steve Curran. That isn't STE CURRAN, famous EDGE type?
    If so – amazing and weird.

    23 Jan 2005, 00:05

  8. Steve Curran

    Um.. I doubt it, seeing as how I have no idea what an EDGE type is. Sorry. :(

    26 Jan 2005, 17:33

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