February 18, 2005

Football Season pt.2

Follow-up to Football Season pt.1 from Hollyzone

Ok more stuff on the season just gone.

Horrible Injuries: Uncountable.

Knees My knees are now well on the road to being completely fucked. If I bend them for to long then when I straighten they click like something which clicks a lot (oooh, great similie). They only ever used to do this under extreme stress but now do it anyway. Not a good sign.

Also I played one game on astroturf (for the Tardan Stallions) and fell very awkwardly onto my right knee which responded by swelling up like a bitch. And was sore. And bled a bit. And it was my birthday. Ok, I accept I probably shouldn't have continued playing on it for weeks afterwards but come on, do I look like one for common sense?

Also I got my other kneecap stamped on in a game against Birmingham University.


Wrist Nothing too bad this year. My left wrist has been screwed for years since I broke my arm playing netball (so dangerous) but it's behaved this season.

Head One nice bout of concussion following the College of Cakes game. Just because you're not allowed to kick the ball out of the goalie's hands doesn't mean you can kick the goalie in the head as compensation for your efforts. I need my head. Bloody Brummies…

Foot A minor stamping. Nothing broke I think. Plus I stood on so many people's feet myself (by accident) that I probably deserve it.

Hands Ok, in a previous life I was clearly really horrible to Birmingham/Brummies in general as games against clubs and unis from there alwayys seem to result in injuries for me. Concussion? Stamped kneecap? And then there's the mysterious bruise on my hand from the game at the weekend against Brum Uni. I have no idea what incident caused it. It just appeared and is now fading... I did have a good photo of it but it's gone missing from Housemate:Boz's digital camera. Clue Cruise: get your own digital camera.

Liver Best one on the team. Hehehe…

Time Spent On Buses Getting To And From Grounds: More Than It Should Have Been

Every away match the same old cry.
"Where are we?"
"Erm [insert name of town here]"
"Yeah but where in [insert name of town here]? Are we near the university?"
"Look for signs."
"Oh I hadn't thought of that [sarcasm]."
"Quiet Holly, we're trying to work out where we are!"
"Mmm-kay, but I think I know where we are."
"Turn left here…"
Half an hour later we locate the ground exactly where I knew it would be. Except if you were to ask me directions I'd lose all sense of space and time and we'd end up in Cornwall looking for York (ahem, Cat, is that where York is?). Still, can't help but pity those who go looking for Warwick Uni and try to find it in Warwick… surely the logical place to look is Coventry.

Football Team Rows

Let's see… I don't care if you think I'm a glory hunter because I support Manchester United. I know I'm not. It's hardly my fault that my dad rasied me as a Man Utd fan (much to the chagrin of my Liverpool supporting mum) and they became successful as it happened. Is it my fault I was born in 1984?

Back in Cheshire loads of people support Man Utd (shock horror, it's 35 minutes away from Old Trafford where I live!) but down here all manner of freaks reside. Rabid, Alan Shearer stalking Newscastle fans. Overly smug Chelski lovers (you ain't won anything yet). West Brom loving Brummies (of the non-let's injure Holly variety). Depressed Leeds fans. Liverpool fans who were born in New York and grew up in Oxford (sure beats born in London, grew up 35 minutes away from Old Trafford). Arsenal scum who nearly gave me a royal beating when I rubbed it in that we beat them this season. Twice. Whilst in possession of Ronaldo.

All the colours of the rainbow and all inferior to my lovely Man Utd.

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  1. Hockey astroturf = my worst nightmare – lots of skin off my knees.

    The Tarkett pitch, on the other hand, is just great.

    18 Feb 2005, 23:16

  2. Ah, injuries…I broke my wrist playing in goal when I was 9 and haven't played there since. Goalkeeper is easily the most dangerous position in football – look at that German goalkeeper in the 50s, Bert Trautmann, who broke his neck during an FA Cup final and kept on playing!

    18 Feb 2005, 23:48

  3. I suspect that if I didn't wear kneepads when playing Frisbee I wouldn't have any skin left on my knees.

    On the other hand, i'm completely immune to any sort of serious injurey.

    18 Feb 2005, 23:55

  4. Invigorating Footballing theme tunes

    (Insert Harmonica here)
    This old man
    He played one
    He played knick knack on my thumb
    with a knick knack paddy whack give a cav a bone
    This old man came rolling home….

    20 Feb 2005, 01:57

  5. Malcolm Glazer

    I think the fact you NEED to explain why you 'support' Man Ure speaks volumes.
    Man Ure fans = prawn sandwich execs, Far East/American/general foreign 'fans' who have only heard of them abroad, or glory hunters. 99% are not from Manchester or even near, if they are they support City.
    Liverpool fans born in New York are they? Well they might know Malcolm Glazer then, who I'm looking forward to buying your plc, (you do know they removed the 'football club' from the Man Ure badge/ crest, a couple of years ago. what does that say?) bleeding it dry then moving on to his next scheme.
    Incidentally how many matches do you go to now? Everyone's a fair weather supporter or glory hunter these days.
    I hate Man Ure

    20 Feb 2005, 22:10

  6. Why Mr Glazer, such bile you have there. Have you considered seeing a doctor about it as too much bile is really quite bad for the disgestive system. I regret that whichever team you support does not give you sufficient pleasure and joy in your life so you fill the void created with loathing and hate, such negative and painful emotions which I'm sure only eat away at your love for the beautiful game as you resent one side but cannot bring yourself to love another.

    I was gonna write more but as not a single one of your statements against the club is in the slightest bit original or interesting or infused with any sort of wit or humour, I will now return to playing football, supporting the club I love and generally being a happy smiley person content to see them play interesting football whether we finish 1st, 2nd or last.

    20 Feb 2005, 22:59

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