April 20, 2006

Finland's Eurovision Entry

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4926020.stm

Sometimes I write long winded articles on this blog.

Sometimes it is completely unnecessary to do any more than just link and quote.

Finland's controversial entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest – a heavy metal band called Lordi (The Lord) – has upset many Finns. The band members wear scary masks, which they refuse to take off, and the lead singer wields a chain-saw.

[T]he rockers have stressed their tongue-in-cheek attitude to entertainment. As if to prove the point, they had a hit in Finland with a song called The Devil Is A Loser.

I might actually have to watch this year…

Picture from BBC website.

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  1. Sounds slightly more interesting than My Lovely Horse. ;)

    20 Apr 2006, 22:50

  2. He looks like a Klingon

    20 Apr 2006, 22:51

  3. I thought that when I saw the photo too!

    21 Apr 2006, 00:13

  4. they aren't particularly heavy though, especially by Finland's standards…

    21 Apr 2006, 01:42

  5. I bet they don't even burn churches

    21 Apr 2006, 02:31

  6. Excellent – inspiration for my costume (my friends are holding a Eurovision party).

    21 Apr 2006, 09:06

  7. Eleanor Lovell

    Casey – you cannot go to the party dressed as him – I will be scared!

    21 Apr 2006, 09:11

  8. The video for their Eurovision song is online somewhere. It's great.

    21 Apr 2006, 09:13

  9. Matthew Jones

    I have to say that I thought Lordi were particularly meh when I saw them live. All style no substance. And as Andy says, they're not heavy at all. And not just by Scandinavian standards.

    The devil is a loser, and he's my bitch!

    Great line though.

    21 Apr 2006, 10:15

  10. Anyone with a love for zombie cheerleaders, you can see the Lordi video here

    Why don't Britain get entries like this! All together now…

    "Wings on my back
    I got horns on my head
    My fangs are sharp
    And my eyes are red
    Not quite an angel
    Or the one that fell
    Now choose to join us or go straight to Hell"

    I can see Sir Terry signing along with that one after a few bailey's!

    21 Apr 2006, 11:15

  11. Moz

    Watch it here kids:


    21 Apr 2006, 12:18

  12. I love them even more now. That video is pure genius.

    21 Apr 2006, 13:31

  13. Brilliant video :) Love it

    21 Apr 2006, 17:42

  14. My day has been made


    21 Apr 2006, 18:46

  15. Bringing "a touch of class" to Eurovision…

    22 Apr 2006, 21:42

  16. LMAO

    Absolutely hilarious and awesomeness. Will have to watch this part of the Eurovision.
    And you're right… The lead singer does look like a Klingon =/

    22 Apr 2006, 23:22

  17. That's more than a Eurovision entry, most definitely a CHOOOON!

    23 Apr 2006, 09:06

  18. Should I play it at Crash?

    23 Apr 2006, 11:17

  19. I think it's a must Holly. :D

    23 Apr 2006, 15:19

  20. psh, you won't play obscure but ultimately superior finnish music, but you'll happily play Lordi?

    you make me cry Holly, albeit in a manly way.

    23 Apr 2006, 15:25

  21. Yes, but think of the added comedy value.

    23 Apr 2006, 20:01

  22. We've had this on the bandsoc forum for a while now-it is truely awesome!

    As is "the Devil is a looser" ("and he's my bitch")

    Yes, I teach small children.

    26 Apr 2006, 19:46

  23. LORDI ABSOLUTELY RULE. www.lordi.org
    theres 3 videos under the extras, low sound quality but still cool.

    29 Apr 2006, 12:53

  24. Catherine Fenn

    Image reminded me of GWAR link but do they have the anything like the level of stage presence or fake blood…!?

    02 May 2006, 13:39

  25. Kaj Alftan

    Yaye! Finally, my Arctic little country will have a chance to glory!

    02 May 2006, 20:44

  26. keenan

    I hate eurovision and though I'm finnish I haven't checked lordi's performance before yesterday when i accidently tuned my TV on to the channel which showed the first round of the competition. I must say that for the first time I'm genuinly proud of the finnish performer in the competition! Every time before I've been more or less embarrased by the substandard clowns we've been sending… KIITOS LORDI!

    19 May 2006, 11:05

  27. joe

    Lordi will perform 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' in the next round of the Eurovision Grand Prix, so prepare to dial in your votes. The official single will be released on 19.05. And then, on 20.05 the final decision will come down in Athens. A grandiose pyro show is guaranteed, and for your viewing pleasure click on the link for a short but amusing film from Finland

    Have you seen the trigger happy TV version of the Daz Doorstep challenge….. Genius!
    There is NO working class anymore… Just Chavs and everyone else.
    link (Download Daz Sampson Teenage Life music)

    19 May 2006, 22:26

  28. chris

    man this song rocks y cant the uk have a song lyk this then we wudn't get 0 pts

    20 May 2006, 22:31

  29. Laura

    awww dammit! I missed them! (however I did watch the vid…tres cool!)

    20 May 2006, 23:55

  30. Cai

    VERY spinal tap =]

    21 May 2006, 09:23

  31. aoife

    UK should have WON

    27 May 2006, 17:06

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