July 11, 2005

Bastard Sons Of Lawnmowers

  • I'm stuck in a building rut where no wind blows through my bedroom window making it hot and stuffy in here.

  • I just found an ant in my room.

  • 7.20am. It's when my alarm is set. Ugh.

  • I've had to borrow someone else's work shirt because I can't find the person who has my work clothes.

  • My bookshelf consists entirely of books by Douglas Adams, Virginia Woolf and A-Z.

  • My fourth wisdom tooth is currently rupturing in an orgy of unnecessary pain and enamelled angles.

  • I am weak and bought a CD today when I didn't even intend to go into a record shop.

  • I want my flags back.

  • I'm lifeblogging.

Mmmm, perhaps I should stop whinging… normal service will be resumed.

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  1. Gordon R

    Why does someone else have your clothes????

    11 Jul 2005, 00:53

  2. Long story. Not as good as you'd think. Or as scandalous…

    11 Jul 2005, 00:58

  3. Gordon R

    Oh Holly, you disappoint. no scandal at all for us??? now my life is past that stage I need to hear it from someone else.

    11 Jul 2005, 01:10

  4. hey – youre back! :D

    11 Jul 2005, 02:18

  5. Thank God for that – I nearly started doing some work there Hol! Are you patrolling the lovely graduation ceremonies this year? Hope Holland was good.

    11 Jul 2005, 15:56

  6. Oh yeah – how did you find the Pullman trilogy??

    11 Jul 2005, 15:57

  7. Hey you.

    I must contact you with birthday deets soon…if you can make the trip to the sunny south…

    12 Jul 2005, 11:53

  8. holly! i didnt even know you were in holland until you apparently got back. why are you staying in rootes? which rootes are you staying in? is it my wonndeerful block?

    12 Jul 2005, 18:15

  9. Gordon Bull, you live to hear my every move.
    Amy Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Cara Yey! I cannot harass meet for you for lunch in Kaliedescope Kalidescope Cafe Library (thank god it changed names) as I'm rocking the car parks at the mo. I'll text you my ray of Welshness. Pullman very good…
    Rachel Coolio.
    Jen-opolis Yes, sorry I did not alert your Dutchness to this fact but I have been in the Nederlands and loving it (boring blog on it soon). Not in Rootes, though I can see how the ants comment would throw you, but in Hurst. So stuffy. Talk soooooooooooooon.

    It's like I'm organising my social life.

    12 Jul 2005, 20:01

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