November 25, 2006


Is it really too much to ask for an answer, simple and undiluted, placed in your hand, no cost, just once in this life?

My gut says “yes”, answers don’t come to you, you chase them, and if you are lucky you catch them. Then they squirm and piss on your shoe before escaping and running riot around a major shopping precinct which thn gets you banned from the precinct. And then you can’t buy anything so you go on ebay and someone on there is selling answers, and you’ve not learnt anything so you buy one and it never arrives. Damn Royal Mail, even though you’ve worked there and know how hard it is and what a miracle it is that they don’t lose more letters.

It was finding passports in the post which amused me most. The government could never sell the idea of ID cards if people realised how often passports come out of their envelopes and mingle with the Christmas mail, and ebay bought answers. Which will, like their wild brethren, piss on your shoes.

What would Charles I of England do?

Nothing useful then…

I think I’ve been studying history for too long.

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  1. Please tell me that was drug-induced.

    25 Nov 2006, 07:26

  2. Nope. Was just soberly ruminating. There are no excuses. I really shouldn’t be allowed internet access.

    Or I’m sending coded messages to secret agents.

    One of the two.

    25 Nov 2006, 08:38

  3. Do you think if all of us historians started talking about randomly connected obscure historical facts we could confuse the hell out of everyone else?

    25 Nov 2006, 14:24

  4. I think the only way to confuse English people is to point out that England was only interesting on the international level after Elizabeth I and before then was just some minor backwater of a power which survived on luck and the good graces of the other powers. Drives me crazy when English people point towards Henry V and somehow suggest that managing to raise an army of a few thousand (oh yes, the victory may not have been quite as numerically exciting as people thought!) makes England the greatest power since the Insert anything from Hittites to Mongols here .


    25 Nov 2006, 17:48

  5. MORE HISTORIE!! I miss Hollyzone’s History lessons! and the paints….

    02 Dec 2006, 13:23

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