January 04, 2005

And When I Got There I Found This…

Follow-up to Return Of The Keeper from Hollyzone

Were my predictions accurate?

Someone else will be there. Either Housemate:Boz or Housemate:Els. But none of the others.

Housemate:Els, Housemate:Boz, Housemate:Katie and Randomunit:Cara. I was not expecting such a warm reception and massive turnout as they hoisted the banners displaying slogans proclaiming their delight that I had returned to save them from themselves. Well, I say warm reception but in real life Housemate:Els greeted me at the door wielding a kitchen knife menacingly. Hiya…

There will be be some undone washing up Hopefully left by one of the residents who has moved back before me and not something which has been there since before I left. I think I did all my dishes. I thinků

There was a tiny bit but nothing which was older than a day or two. I had done my washing as it turned out. And I've done it ever since. I like dishwashing in a really strange, perverted way.

The pot plants left beside the TV will still be alive...

There were no plants in the house. Strange.

There will be DVDs out of their boxes. And they will be mine.

No unattended DVDs to be seen though the pile of CDs in the kitchen remains.

My room will be a mess Despite me taking most of the important items out of it and putting what was left in a neat pile.

Ok, maybe I lied about the neat pile bit. It was a dump and still is as I still haven't unpacked properly three days later. I'm a busy busy girl and those late nights at the pub don't happen without other areas of life being downgraded in priority. If I drank that would be a much better excuse.

The big bathroom won't be clean.

It wasn't clean. It was messy in fact and I think I've volunteered to clean it. Bollocks.

There will be an unclaimed sock left on the floor in the hall. Whose is it? No se. No one knows.

Sock was present and correct and it's not mine cos I have bigger feet and thicker socks. In fact I now no longer have any spare socks so I think I've lsot another one as there's no way I've gained one from home. Unless I ahve. Oh Sock Fairy, why do you taunt me thus?

There will be binbags, either in the hall or the bin.

There weren't when I arrived but there are now.

Niamh will appear shortly.

Niamh is MIA despite agreeing to come with me to the library today to study. I knew it was too good to be true.

Within 30 seconds of my arrival there will be piles of paper, magazines, books and stationary everywhere.

Yup, did that.

Also, after explaining to everyone that I bought a printer and not a hoover, I asked if we wanted to buy a house hoover. After much discussion we decided that we'd rather get a Freeview box and have BBC3 instead of clean carpets. Little Britain repeats here we come.

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  1. We have freeview. Its pretty cool if you like Cadfael and strange confusing films.

    04 Jan 2005, 13:24

  2. I like dishwashing in a really strange, perverted way.

    Dressed in a giant yellow rubber glove and being whipped by a fat man in a nappy chanting buddhist slogans as you stand there up to your elbows in soapy water? Maybe that's just me…

    04 Jan 2005, 14:06

  3. Holly, you have marvellous priorities!

    04 Jan 2005, 19:55

  4. Looking forward to our specially re-scheduled European World lecture tomorrow, Holly? With, joy of joys, Penny Roberts.

    04 Jan 2005, 20:00

  5. Why Luke of course I am looking forward to yet another batch of EW. I am also looking forward to that lovely bout of e-coli I am certain to get from my dinner.

    Penny Roberts? I'm sure she's taken at least one lecture I liked…

    04 Jan 2005, 21:18

  6. She's only done urban society so far. So if you enjoyed that one…

    04 Jan 2005, 21:58

  7. I know the whereabouts of the plants. Well, one of them. I believe Housemate: Mike may have taken the more lively specimens home to care for them. The little one in the grey pot had, however, sadly passed away and was nurturing its own little sample of mould in the wake of its demise. I buried it gently in a bin liner along with the mould siblings that had grown on unattended plates left on the coffee table. My deepest regrets Holly. This randomunit does, however, offer a counselling service.

    05 Jan 2005, 13:47


    05 Jan 2005, 14:30

  9. The Lego

    Utterly Swedish,

    I can't believe you all communicate over Warwick Blogs for your household issues.
    It's like a soap.
    Well kind of.


    05 Jan 2005, 21:11

  10. Oh god, my house would make for the sickest, wrongest soap opera ever. And for the record five out of my six housemates have now blogged in some form or another. Mwhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    07 Jan 2005, 01:18

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