All entries for Thursday 30 September 2004

September 30, 2004

Week 1 Blues

Summary of week 1 so far…

1) Sore throat. Damn freshers flu and I haven't even got around meeting that many freshers yet!
2) I think we may have scared the women's football freshers away.
3) My lectures keep getting changed, argh! Make up your minds people.
4) People complain about the buses being 10 minutes late. Where I lived there was one bus, once a week which went to a boring market in a rubbish town and it never came back!!! Dozens of people would take it and vanish, never to be seen again.
5) Where has my stamina gone? Too tired for Top B, Score and (probably) the Colleseum.
6) I have to spend 30 on a new Spanish dictionary. Mierda.
7) has all my money. (see point 6)
8) The longer and more ramblingly incoherent my blog entries the more likely people are to read them and feel inclined to reply. Strange.
9) I have accidentally caused myself to get a job offer from the Boar. I think I might take it.
10) University Challenge… I must point out now I was bullied into doing that by a crazy Polish girl. True story.
11) I argued with my friend last night and I feel really bad about it now. I am an arse.
12) My alter ego (i.e. the person who is in most ways the total opposite to me) actually exists and lives in London. She had a good day yesterday. I didn't. But she did invite me to a party in London so I'm happy.

And those were the twelve rants of Holly.

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