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May 29, 2005

Irrelevant Degree Related Crap II – The Claw

Follow-up to Irrelevant Degree Related Crap I from Hollyzone

My right hand won't work. It was forced to scribble over 3000 words in three hours earlier in the name of examination. It hurts and this is taking ages to type as my left hand is somewhat useless. It's become The Claw, a useless handlike appendage of no real use. The most annoying thing is it would only have been about 2500 words if I could spell initiave initiatuve initiative first time. As it was there was a nice neat line of scribbled out attempts to write the bastarding word which upped my wordcount I'm sure.

So wherein lies the problem?

Everything I revised came up. I was spoiled for choice. Ergo nothing else I revise on any other paper will come up. I am now officially screwed. No doubt they'll serve up my Spanish paper only for me to realise it's been done in Portugese or Latin or Swahili. And European World will only have those really bloody boring modules about… erm… well, stuff so dull I didn't even listen. And as for British Electoral Politics…

Falls asleep on desk

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