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April 26, 2005

Reasons I Will Fail My Degree I: My Room

My bastard room is impossible to work in! I've been here since 8pm and have managed bugger all.

The Long View

A- My bass It's a good thing Housemate:Katie is in bed at the moment because otherwise I would be shaking this house's damn foundations with my lovely bass guitar, as seen here. Why bother with essays when there are numerous Bloc Party basslines to learn?
B- My cactus It needs love and affection otherwise it will spike anyone and everyone within range. And I swear it has learned to walk just to improve its range. The only plant ever to survive living with me.
C- The Wall Of Interest Everything pinned on this wall is interesting. It's just too easy to sit there staring gormlessly at it.
D- Sports Kit and Equipment Do work or go for a run? Or play football? Or get fit in the gym? I'm going to be superfit but fail all my exams. This is not the way to go as Paula Radcliffe has a degree. In languages. Why can't I have a nice thick hero like Beckham or Rooney?
E- Laundrey Ok, I'm not that desperate to avoid work that I'll be doing this… yes I am, I really am.

The Close Up

A- Toblerone Energy for, erm, learning stuff with. Honest.
B- Laptop aka Time Stealer Yes, that is my blog page up there and yes I am currently blogging. Not working. Jeez, this thing seemed like a good idea in August 2004, now it's eating my time. Like I eat Toblerone…
C- CDs Oh yes, now is the perfect time to a) buy loads of new CDs, and b) rediscover all the old ones I used to love. I'm listening to 'Version 2.0' by Garbage which I bought in year 10 for the school orchestra tour of Austria. Mmm, the king of Austria gets mentioned in this essay I'm not writing. Ooooh, conscience attack!
D- Lava Lamp My desk is badly positioned, the room light is obscured by my big head so I can't see properly what I am writing on my desk. So I turned on my lava lamp in an attempt to get some light. And then spent ages staring at the pretty lava. All the best laid plans of mice, men and history students.
E- The Guardian Gotta be read. In its Saturday entirety. Good thing I don't read the Times really.
F- Essay Ok ok, I was just blogging for a minute, I'm coming back now… oooooh, Toblerone!

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