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June 24, 2009

Economic Migrants Who Seem Familiar

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Oh no! Economic migrants fleeing a nation with a stymied economy are coming to Britain in large numbers! Who will protect us? UKIP? The Tories? The B*P?

Oh wait, these economic migrants are Brits returning from Spain because the economy there is buggered. Guess that won’t arouse any ire in the tedious tabloid media despite it having exactly the same effect as Irish/Caribbean/Indian/Poles (delete depending on which decade you are feeling outraged in) arriving in Britain for economic reasons. No, these people will get treated fairly and even-handedly, their reasons for going abroad understood (they were economic with a hint of looking-for-nicer-weather) and their return handled sympathetically as an attempt to get through a tough time. Of course if they did have the termacity to be Polish it would be tabloid hysteria as far as the eye can see. Mind you, “the Poles are going back to Poland now anyway, so we’ll need to find someone new to complain about.”

Nothing like media inconsistency dipped in mild racism to rile on a Wednesday morning. Just wanted to vent.

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