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April 24, 2005

Britain And Multiculturalism

I didn't do much for St. George's Day, I'll admit that, but I knew when it was and I knew it was coming without the media hype. I may only be half English but I do really like this place. Everyone whinges about how everyone else thinks it's uncool to be proud of this country even though most people are proud of it. They just don't want to admit to being proud in case they get labelled as something untoward.

The biggest downer on yesterday was that the BNP published their hate document… I mean manifesto… no, wait, I do mean hate document. Typical of that shower that they try to hijack a day which needs to be rehabilitated and saved from their nasty little claws.

One of these idiots main planks is to stop "multiculturalism" and preserve the British culture…





The huge majority of people here are not racist scum. The British are crap at racism really. The French get big scary, nearly elected Jean-Marie Le Pen. Who do we get? A bunch of moronic thugs in suits called the BNP. The British are theoretically misanthropic (they 'hate' the French, the Americans, the Germans, the 'immigrants') but introduce a Brit to anyone, foreign or not and they'll be charming, friendly, polite. We can't do it, we can't manage to be that nasty when faced with actual other people.

And as for ending multicuturalism and favouring the British… that's fucking absurd. Who are the British? Seriously. Who are they?

The British are the perfect mongrel race. Whilst all those thoroughbred dogs with their defects, mental problems, breathing problems, hearing problems, are wandering around costing thousands in vet bills, the mongrels are out there, friendly and healthy and content. And that is what Britain is. Who are we? Celts, Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Romans, Normans, Hugenoets, Dutch, Jews, Indians, Pakistanis, Poles, Germans, Chinese… all these races have at sometime settled here in large numbers.

And to what effect? From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the films we watch, the books we read, the art, the language, the sport, that's where the justification comes from. That's where we draw the defences against racist scum comes from.

What do the BNP want? A Britain of Brits? Who are they? Not the Anglo-Saxons of far right myth as they are immigrants themselves. The British are the greatest myth ever perpetuated. They are not a race, they are a mentality, based on the principal of whoever arrives must bring something to the party. And the immigrants brought. They brought loads.

Campaign for an end to multiculturalism if you want (and are thick). But it's Cnut and the sea here, it's too little too late, and this nation would be a lot worse if it lost that ideology of the beautiful mess.

Cnut, for the record was Scandanavian. And St. George was (probably) Greek. Funny how it's always been the way.

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