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September 21, 2004

General Roundup…

Points to be considered for today:

1) Leamington Lions lost 5–1 at the weekend away to Ross Town. No doubt this was in part due to me not standing on the touchline shouting encouragement because I was 70 miles away. There is some justice though. After getting kicked all over the pitch last week, Ana scored our only goal.

I have also discovered that if you google Leamington Lions the top hit is not, as would logical, their own website (, but this blog and specifically the previous match report. Weird.

2) Ireland. That's where I'm off to tomorrow to go to a family wedding. Woohoo!

3) Siblings are weird. Especially my brother who decided last night to negotiate with mum for a loan by mincing around the house playing a polyphonic ringtone version of 'Billy Jean'. Couldn't we have tried that in Iraq?

4) The Dutch Revolution is less interesting than the Glorious Revolution…

Anyway, as internet access in Dublin is not guaranteed I want you all to refrain form posting anything amusing, incisive or relevant until I get back (Sunday). Thank you for your cooperation.*

*If you don't comply I'll tell George W that you have WMDs hidden in your trousers.

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