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April 21, 2005

An Entry For Some People I know

Some people I know (mentioning no names cough Amanda cough cough) have complained that this blog is too intellectual. I resent that accusation.

Anyway, here's an entry certain people (cough cough Amanda cough) might find is about their level.

This is a football.

This is like my football but it isn't flat. I need to pump my football up. Then we can use it. This means an important step. Putting the football in the goal.

If you put the ball in your opponents goal more often than they put it in yours then you win. My job is to stop the ball going in.

Maybe if you score enough goals you'll win this…

But as some people support Leeds Utd (cough cough Amanda cough) so will never win this.

See what happens when I'm not allowed use big words?

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