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February 21, 2005

I Win!

Yes I do.

I am ill. Horribly, cold riddenly, whinging constantly ill. I know I'm ill because my wonderful self-preservation instincts have buggered off royally. "I know" I thought, "A good game of football will cheer me up". So with seminar cancelled I headed off to training full of bizarre enthusiasm, very bizarre in fact, as I showed up early to have a kickaround with a friend who strayed to the dark side and plays hockey.

Gloria then texted to ask me if I thought it was going to snow. "No" I said with the practised confidence of a someone who has lived in this country for 20 years and really should know by now that "no" clearly means "it wasn't going to until I said 'no', now it will just out of spite". As it turns out Fate was giving it 100% as Gloria was on the bus when the heavens opened and the horizontal snow attacked. I was at the astroturfs playing already. The problem with hoirzontal snow is that it is very hard to defend the goal when your friend insists on moving so you're facing into the deluge and she's got a clear sight on goal… so once again I end up on my arse, in the wet, thinking "I really shouldn't be here".

Anyway, how do I win? I win because I got home and saw the letter from the NHS asking me to prove I am entitled to free prescriptions by waving a piece of paper at them which I couldn't find on either of the three occasions I looked for it. Thinking I was now going to have to pay for my eye tests, dentist (memo to self, get appointment) and sweet sweet migraine slaying Naratriptan (you make the pain go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) I forlornly shook my file of important stuff sending said important stuff everywhere…

…And somehow in the middle of all the bank statements and passports and pieces of paper which could be rent requests, I saw it. My important, NHS requiring piece of paper. Now I shall have my vision and my teeth and my sweet sweet migraine slaying Naratriptan (you make the pain go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)!

Ok, I'm otherwise very ill, can't sleep for coughing, can't concentrate for the headaches and I'm too hot and too cold at the same time but who cares? I win again y'see?

Bed time…

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