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August 20, 2006

Two Years?

Intercepted message from two government departments, recorded this morning, 20th August 2006, using an mp3 player with a microphone built in.

Personally I find it hard two believe that after two years this blog has still not been shut down and its owner thrown in jail for a bazillion years. The crap which she writes has been polluting the impressionable minds of our youth for two long, and she has been sparking debate amongst people who would otherwise have allowed their brains to cease to perform higher functions thus making it easier for the Evil Conspiracy Which Wants Two Rule Us AllTM two do so.

Hollyzone must be stopped!

If we act now we can possibly stamp out this danger but it could well be two late. Two years have passed now and already she is more powerful than we hoped… in fact we had money on her losing interest within a month and a half.

But now it might be two late.

It is two late. It's been two late for a long long time...


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