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May 20, 2005

Calm And Relaxed…

… no I'm not. I'm calm but never relaxed. Driven, as my life is, purely by a combination of indignation, self righteousness, panic and paranoia, I cannot relax. Ever. But for now I am calm in the face of impending examinations as this is the only rational response.

Yesterday I had my first library funny turn of the revision period which was remedied by the simple expediency of running-the-fuck-away. Curiously this exam stress has manifested itself in more gratuitous swearing than this blog usually sees. Don't ask why. Anyway, today, a declared "No Revision" day has gone so well I might actually do some revision if only because the thought of it does not currently make me want to coagulate. In fact I want to use big words. I promise I will stop using them soon. I have been warned on more than one occasion by a certain housemate that sometimes it isn't possible to have a conversation with me without recourse to a dictionary. I told him to stop being such a science student.

In any case… could any readers from Yorkshire just tell me if an attempt to run someone over is actually a way of saying a friendly hello in Yorkshire? It's the only reason I can think of that would prompt one of my so-called tennis playing friends to try to mow me down earlier. Actually it's not the only reason. Damn.

You know who you are.

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