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September 14, 2004

Blimey, Where Did You Lot Come From?

Wow, loads and loads and loads of new people all blogging.

Suddenly our small, exclusive, overwhelmingly science student system is now a larger, less exclusive, overwhelmingly science student system.

So hello everyone. I am Holly, this is my zone and I have a tendency to rant about trains (new one this week: apparently if I want a 7 day saver ticket for Sunday I have to book it on Thursday. Or possibly Friday. Or sometime, no one seems to know for sure), football, playing bass guitar and of course mysterious sounds like the ever present ping which haunts us all (where does it come from? where does it go?).

Anyway, nearly caused major damage last night. Initially to my house in a futile attempt to disconnect the door bell at 2am when some of my friends decided in a drunken stupor to ring to thing constantly for about 10 minutes and then run away when I stormed out the door armed with a knife (I'm paranoid, so what?) According to Housemate no.2: The Car Owner they tried to get in through the back door as well but my earlier bout of security-mindedness meant I had locked the gate to the garden and they couldn't get in. I therefore reserve the right to cause major damage to my friends as, unlike those lazy bastards, I have a job which involves 6am starts. Losing an hour of sleep as I did will only make me grumpy…

... especially when there's no milk and I could only have one Weetabix for breakfast instead of two. I'm running on empty today.

Suggestions on how to make my friends feel really really REALLY guilty will be much appreciated.

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