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February 14, 2006

Neighbourhood #3

As anyone who has ever watched 'The Young Ones' can tell you, TV portrayals of the living habits of the students of the species are often extreme and comical, tinged with that slight sense of tragedy that we are either being forced or actively choosing to ensconce ourselves in such conditions. Naturally parents and friends assume that real students aren't living in such squalor, deprivation and general comedy. But the problem is that a lot of people actually do wake up in house where the paint peels from the walls, the heating is an abstract concept, and the smell of weed from last year's stoners has yet to adequately fade.

At least you hope last year's lot were stoners otherwise how long can smell last in a house, bringing suspicision on your innocent head?

That's not from personal experience, I just want to clarify.

Is there an inherent lowering of standards once we are free from the parental home? After all, few would have lived in the state that we now live in,yet there appears to be relatively little consternation at the sudden drop in cleanliness, space and cooperation with building regulations. I don't know how trainee architects and engineers don't spend their lives walking round their houses involuntarily spasming at the sight of all the building reg violations. My dad (architectural technician) has enough fun pointing out the ones in my house and he doesn't have to live there.

So all I want for Valentines (which is a rubbish festival which I intensely dislike and wish would go away and stop tricking people out of their money purely in some false idea that there's a specific day on which people need to show their loved ones how they feel) is the electricity back in my house. It's not a hard request, but it is one which has been an issue on and off all year. I just want to know that I don't have to run around desperately trying to work out what's tripped before the fridge heats up and destroys the frozen pizzas and Thai sweet chilli sauce which is actually all I seem to live on half the time. I want to know I don't have to concoct a massive conga line of multplugs to watch TV, linking to whichever socket is arbitrarily working, in defiance of the dead nature of all the others in the house. It would be really nice. Seriously, best thing ever at the moment.

Stupid student houses.

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