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April 13, 2005

Oh Right! That's Who I'll Vote For

Pending the local issue for local people I'm voting Labour. Yeah yeah, they hurt me, they upset me, but I only get upset because I feel letdown. I expect the Tories to propose things which make my stomach turn. But Labour I don't. I am, for it all, a Labour person at heart and it's just galling to see the, inevitable, drift to the Right though I still see enough Left in Labour to identify.

It's a vote against.

I want to register my unhappiness but I can't risk a Tory victory. As I have said before, a Tory government is like getting a cold to avoid work. It seems like a good idea beforehand because you'll be missing work. But then you get one and you realise that actually a cold is much worse.

If people were to listen to me I'd say this. People of Britain vote Labour except where your Lib Dems stand a chance of winning. The ideal outcome is Labour being forced to rely on the Lib Dems, a Lefty balancing act. This applies to all except Sedgefield. Voters of Sedgefield vote for anyone but Labour. Get rid of your MP. Chuck him out. If we tip Tony Blair out of power then we've made a point. We like Labour's good work. But we don't like the rampant egomania at the top. A warning to all to behave and listen to the voters.

True story at the end of 6th form we had a vote and an awards ceremony (of sorts) I won two awards, one of which was Most Likely To Become Prime Minister When Older. It won't happen. The top job goes to whoever can occupy the centre ground, economically conservative and socially liberal, with the most vigour. There are variations over time of course. Thatcher, a woman whose politics I detest held power for a long time. But we also threw out our 'beloved' wartime leader Churchill after the war. The fickle electorate doesn't want to be upset. It wants stability. It's the Romans and their circuses all over again and again.

I sometimes wonder if the point of History as a course is to ensure that those who have ideals, have designs on changing things, never do. They are faced with the endless replication of past mistakes and the certainty that, in this country at least, there are no revolutions, only painfully slow evolutions built on the whinging of those lose power as a result and the toil of the perenial losers, the ordinary people.

I heard about the NUS Conference recently, the party magnates overlooking the floor, indicating to their minions in student colours how to vote, and the minions obeyed, hungry for advancement.

I'm too angry to be safe as a poltician. Too determined to get things done my way. Too sure I know best. The best I could ever hope for is one term, in an unsafe seat, arguing from the backbenches, only to be ditched when the tide turns and the unsafe seats fall.

So why do I care?

Because I can't not care. It's not possible. I am not built to be a misanthrope and give up. I hate people in theory but have never met one I could find redeeming features in. I've met far too many good people to give up entirely.

Whatever. I'll vote Labour and hope. It's got to be better than allow the Tories in and fear.

Who To Vote For? Part 3

  • War On Terror/Iraq

Sometimes I regret reading 1984. I really do.

I also wonder sometimes if people have registered the history of this country since the 1960s. Ooooooooh, terrorism be afraid, be afraid of TERRORISM.


Erm, it's not llike we've never had terrorism in this country before. And had it everywhere to, from London Docklands to Warrington just a few miles from where I lived in the quiet of Cheshire.

I think the whole war in Iraq and the War Against Terrorism (TWAT) has been used to cover a multitude of governmental sins. We should not have attacked Iraq when we did, if at all. Simple as. Don't leave comments about this below, I don't have time to have this argument now. Let's just say Labour ignored the wishes of the majority and went ahead with its head held high up GWB's arse.

As a result we've lost a lot of our rights and there is a danger that this could teeter over more into an obsessively regulated state. I don't think it will be this bad but I don't like an atmosphere which brings up the possiblity. ID cards in particular annoy me. I have, and pay for, three forms of legitimate ID as it is. I am not paying for a 4th when I have my, supposedly hard to forge, driver's license and passports. The Tories meanwhile are attacking Blair's 'attacks' on civil liberties but would do exactly the same in his shoes.

It is probably too late to switch to Lib Dem. We're already in Iraq (such a success) and we can't just abandon them now. Unfortunately this issue really does leave me wondering where the common sense went. Where the hope went. I can't change anything about it so I am looking at the other issues to help me make up my mind. This one really is too depressing.

On this issue… no one. Sweet apathy.

  • Local Issues

I've not be leafletted yet. I don't know the local issue yet. Someone should tell me soon. All I know is James Plaskitt is a Blairite kiss arse but one who seems to have some reasonable views on society and local issues. He would appear to be good as a local MP but his record on national issues is at odds with what I want. However he was only about 5500 votes ahead of the Tories here last time round. A vote for the Lib Dems in Leam is probably not worth it.

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