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May 12, 2005

Irrelevant Degree Related Crap I

I've just noticed I have no PDP category on my blog and nor does most of the people from the beta testing group (check the links to Coach Stu and Group IV to see what I mean). How odd.

Anyway, I've a sort-of PDP entry here but I'm not creating a PDP category for myself because I'm a contrary sod and like to be different. It explains my trousers.


I've managed to finish one apocalyptic, 4500 word essay tonight, including the strangely calming process of footnote writing. Suffice it to say I have one more essay which needs another 500 words and a little bit of historical feng shui to get it to answer the question. Or make sense. After that, three history exams and one Spanish exam, and that's it. I apologise to all science students if they think that's an easy ride. It isn't. You bugger up one of your exams and you've probably lost a few marks in a 12 CAT module. I've got 30 CATS riding on one three hour paper. It's not quantity but quality, as usual.

So what's with the total air of calm?

This time around I'm organised. See, the finished essay isn't due in for a week, I am going to get it proof-read and it's sorted. Plus there's time to sort out the other one. This is all, of course, utterly unprecedented. My usual style is the panicked, week before desperation which guarantees lost nights out, brain mulching migraines and erratic marks. I have no idea what my tutors think of me as I hurtle around pretty much the entire 2:1 range of marks with total abandon. So far I think the only one I've failed to get in two years is 61. There's something not to aim for.

Whatever, I'd bore you with details but you wouldn't thank me. No one needs to know about politcal parties between 1702 and 1714, not even me. Just imagine I wrote a really good essay on something you're interested in and then imagine that I've written an interesting post about that, not this waffley crap.

I'll be found, nervous twitching from an overdose of Red Bull (I have low tolerance of caffiene from not drinking it except as Red Bull during exam periods) and hoping that the scary library fascists don't find me. I'm not doing anything wrong usually, but I'm sure they are after me.

Oh god, I've got library fever. And it was sunny outside…

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