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February 12, 2005

Post Essay Brain Drain


Finished Evil Essay Of Doom TM and got it handed in at 11am, an hour before the deadline. However the mixed feelings I had gotten from the essay proccess were still bubbling around in my head which made rational thought I bit tricky.

I got to the busstop determined to get off campus. Problem. No Stagecoach waiting to take me, sweet chariot style, back home to Leam. Instead there was a big Travel Cov going to Cov. I didn't want to be sat at the busstop, I wanted to be able to sit down properly and eat my sandwich and relax. So for no apparent reason I went to Cov instead.

Faced with this outcome I proceeded to walk around the town aimlessly for about an hour. I don't have much money and never go clothes shopping alone as I haven't got the inclination, so I was never in any danger of actually buying anything. It was just the fact that I needed to walk around somewhere.

Good thing really I didn't go to Leam. As well as being smaller and therefore less likely to absorb my incessant street pounding, it has the train station. Yes, I am well aware Cov has one of these as well, but Leam does the
£15.00 7 day return to London ticket and that would be far too tempting for a weak willed, essay scrambled person like me. I could have gone back to the city that spawned me, but no, I wandered around Coventry instead. Wiser I guess though I'm more familiar with London's layout than Cov's.

Oh well, sleep now I guess…

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