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September 10, 2004

The End Of Summer

How do I know it's the end of summer?

1) No more music festivals to go to.
2) It's raining. But not in a summery way, in a evil way.
3) Someone pointed out that it's my birthday soonish.
4) My brother is back at college (yet still manages to be on MSN all day).
5) I have no money left from my summer job.
6) My friend who has SAD has texted me to tell me she's feeling a little down and that this is because she has SAD (and nothing to do with her other excuse "I didn't get enough fruit and veg as a child").
7) I have a creeping feeeling that someone, somewhere may be about to educate me some more.
8) I no longer crave ice cream.
9) Lots of new TV shows starting, none of which I can arsed to watch.
10) My daily jog is looking more and more like a challenge.
11) Crispy leaves everywhere!

Now 11) is without doubt a truly fantastic thing, I love standing on crispy leaves more than is healthy. 3) used to be exciting but there's something oppressive about the thought of turning 20 and I'm not ready to face it just yet (argh). 6) is an occupational hazard. 8) is probably good for me in the long run. And the rest are just indicators. Nothing more, nothing less.

Beware: Summer is only temporary

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