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September 09, 2004

The Wonderful World Of The Web

I will not bitch about the fact the bus to work didn't show up yesterday forcing me to take a later bus which made me 45 minutes late and have to share a vehicle with a bunch of whinging school kids.


Anyway, Housemate no.4: The Cleaner (as determined by the order in which we moved into our house and major house related personailty types, I am Housemate no.3: The Account Holder) has finally sorted out the broadband and ntl are, in theory setting it up today. This took one phone call and one brief meeting which makes me wonder why Housemate no.1: The Jetsetter and Housemate no.2: The Car Owner didn't manage it. Actually to be fair I didn't get round to it either and circumstances weren't great as neither Housemate no.1: The Jetsetter nor Housemate no.2: The Car Owner were really around long enough to get this sorted. And they did enough dealing with the builders anyway.

So we are getting broadband but as Housemate no.5: The Computer Nerd isn't here until the weekend this will mean we have one port and that's on the ground floor in Housemate no.5: The Computer Nerd's room. As a result my laptop will become the only means of getting on the internet giving everyone plenty of opportunity to fill it full of viruses, cookies and popups. I'm insisting that they use Mozilla.

This may make life easier. Certainly moreso for finding stuff out as I keep having to find online information from work for people…

Woo! Whilst typing this I got a phone call from the ntl people. They are at my house. Unfortunately I'm not and my hosuemates aren't answering the door so I'm going to have to ring one and wake her up. Which one? Mmmm, who has offended me recently (evil laugh).

Anway, getting something sorted will make a change. The builders were back in on Tuesday, tearing up the floor and redoing the plumbing again, we were advised not to use the bathroom. So to get around this we decided to go to a friend's house to shower there. We arrived and I needed the loo so I headed into the bathroom and flicked the lightswitch… at which point a plink indicated to my ears what my eyes had just registered. The light bulb had gone. And not only that but it was one of those evil lightbulbs that's set into the ceiling that can't be changed by anyone without a degree in lightbulb changing (Blc from Leicester De Montford and Manchester Metropolitan Universities). So the only shower we could use was our next door neighbours but as they aren't living there yet their boiler isn't in use. Mmm, cold showers all round then.

Ok, this is a sort of related general request. Does anyone know if there is an NHS chiropodist in the area (Leam, Cov etc)? I know they're rarer than English students at 9am but I really need one as it is getting harder to visit my one at home and I have a hilarious comedy condition that requires a chiropodist. I tried searching for one on the internet at work (see, it is a generally related request) but had little success. Help please.

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