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August 09, 2005

Anyone's Favourite Album

Follow-up to Your Favourite Album from Hollyzone

Ok, my previous post on this was an attempt by me to see if a theory that popped into my head was true. The theory came from a series of conversations with various people about music. Basically I've always felt that I found it hard to really love music which predated the early-mid 1990s with a few exceptions. There were songs I liked or admired but few I genuinely loved. The reason for this, as was confirmed to me by others who felt the same, was it wasn't music I grew up with. The old stuff I love I grew up with because my parents played it or, in rarer cases, it saturated the media to this day.

So I figured that if growing up had such an importance did it affect our judgement? Say I heard a song in 1996 (aged 11) and decided it was my favourite song ever. Now what if I heard a song in 2003 which was actually better, but because I attach more rose tinted memory and historical significance to the 1996 tune I prefer it more? This could be so even if had I heard both aged 11 the one from 2003 would be more loved being, as it is, a better song.

Therefore, surely most people who have a favourite album must have heard it by the age of 16.

Obviously the flaws in this were in my head before I did my survey. And the survey brought these flaws out beautifully. As Andy says, some people don't listen to music when at that age. Therefore they won't have heard their favourite by 16. And what about Claire's point about people tastes shifting? I can count my brother in that,as the stuff he listens to now is similar to my stuff (and in some cases is my stuff, give those CDs back!) whereas four years ago his stuff was… bloody awful noise to be honest.

So is it more of a case of you've heard your favourite album within a certain timeframe of taste, i.e. within a couple of years of subconsciously deciding on your taste? In my case, this still fits, I only decided on my favourite at about 16 when I knew I was an indie/alternative kid.

Course this could all be bollocks. But it's a good one to occupy your mind in the office…

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