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June 09, 2005

Irrelevant Degree Related Crap IV – Station Approach

Follow-up to Irrelevant Degree Related Crap III – Danger! from Hollyzone

For the non-Mancs out there Station Approach is the road leading from Piccadilly train station to the city centre and is, if you're a Cheshire resident on a day out to somewhere which isn't shit, the home straight on the journey. It's also a track on the new Elbow album which I want. Now. Not in September.

Anyway, one more exam and all my fears about this exam lark have pretty much some to nought. I've only done the blag* once. Hell, I've actually done some revision which is unprecedented and worked. Who'd have thought it? The only byproduct has been that as a result of the library time I now have an irrational loathing of silence and several unnecessarily expansive library doodles. Oh and a borderline addiction to caffiene (Red Bull) but I'm broke so I can go cold turkey on that quite easily. Anyway, this pseudo PDP crap is nicely cathartic and roll on Saturday when I've genuinely finished.

Pointless Aside.
There have been a couple of people on here recently complaining about people saying "haytch" not "aytch" for the letter h. I say "haytch" and I can assure you it is perfectly normal and correct… in Ireland. Cultural imports citizens. Tough luck really…

*Written the essay I wanted to write and then twisted the conclusion to make it look like I was answering the question which was actually set.

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