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April 09, 2005

Friday Night

I don't normally blog about my nights out and the boring minutae of such events but last night was even more surreal than usual so I'm having my moment of dull personal blogging. Feel free to skip this.

I must first qualify all of this by informing you citizens that at 4.30pm yesterday I was sent home from work for being incoherent and acting weirdly. I then broke my promise to get some sleep...

Everyone in Leam student community will, at some time, have been on a bus with everyone else. Hence when you get on a bus and see someone you recognise chances are they are not some romantic conquest you'd rather forget or that scary busker who only sings covers of the Kinks, but another fee paying drone on the wheel of ed-oo-kay-shun. So naturally when I got on the bus last night and saw a vaguely familiar looking girl, I didn't wonder too much. After all she was wearing a Warwick Boat Club jacket, looked about my age and was heading towards campus so naturally I assumed student. It never occurred to me until afterwards that Warwick Boat Club does not necessarily mean Warwick University Boat Club.

Anyway we flickered with vague recognition and went back to what we were doing, me listening to my mp3, her chatting to a bloke. Then I got a text. For some reason my phone spent all of yesterday refusing to take calls from Niamh and sending her phone calls straight to answer machine meaning I got 4328781 texts from my answerphone asking me to save it from her high-pitched exclamations of joy, pain, humour, ennui and calm (Niamh has one tone of voice- HYPER!?!).

So I decided to call her back. And the second I opened my gob the girl on the bus stared at me.

Hang up. She stops talking to the bloke and looks at me before asking me a question I get sometimes; "You play football, don't you?". I can't lie. "Yes, I do". Then the conversation went weird.

Her "Yes, I remember, we beat you." They beat us? Who? Warwick Boat Club? I have no recollection of ever playing a bunch of pirates. She continues, "It was 11–2".
Me "Huh? You beat us… sounds about right, but who are you?"
Her "Oxford seconds."

Aha. Yeah, they beat us. It was 11–0, not 11–2. I told her her memory was more generous than her team. In fact I then realised how I knew her, she was the winger who put a goal in direct from a corner. Now I know it's a small world. And I realised Warwick Boat Club was the boat club from Warwick town (remember that place?).

So we had a chat about football. Hopefully she'll email me the photos from the game that the Oxford girls took. But it was weird, I managed to get wonderfully complimented and insulted (in a funny way) during this conversation.

Compliment "I know you lost 11–0, but we still thoughht you were a good keeper, you might be good enough to play for our firsts".
Well damn, if only I'd got into Oxford. Or even tried. Lazy Cruise.
Hilarious Insult (though it's not really insulting)
Me "Hang on, you didn't speak to me until you heard me on the phone. You didn't recognise me until you heard my voice, did you?"
Her "I wasn't sure until I heard your voice but I'd remember that. You were quite loud when we played you. We all thought you had Tourettes."

For the record I don't but every one of my mates who I have related this story to pissed themselves with laughter at that statement. Possibly because it's almost true.

So there you go, that was my evening as a sporting superstar, getting recognised in public. And all that remains to be said is this…

Carter, you may have lost your blog (bad thing) but you still played 'Atomic' last night and that's my favourite Blondie song. I didn't even request it but I still got a shout out. And you played the Buzzcocks. And the Undertones. That was very cool. But best of all was when you played 'YMCA' for all the delegates from the YMCA conference Warwick is hosting. Bet they loved that.

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