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April 08, 2006

It's All Fun And Games On The Right

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The front page of the Guardian today reported that the selection of a BNP candidate who wasn't that abstract concept we call "white" has split the party between the opportunistic wolves in sheeps clothing and the outwardly hysterical racists. What a lovely choice that leaves the average Jo(e) with… well there is a third option, vote for a political party which doesn't espouse racism, but we all knew that.

I really haven't got too much to add on this topic bar the fact that I really cannot decide whether to laugh or cry at how hilariously inept that party is. It must be some sort of recent rightist reaction to the leftist domination of head-scratching infighting. The multiple and ridiculous Judean groups in The Life Of Brian were meant as a metaphor for the socialist splits which are still evident today, even in our uni, but recently the right has fought back with:

  • UKIP – people with a mild xenophobia and a copy of the Daily Mail tucked safely under their arms, probably disapprove of foreigners coming here and taking our jobs right up to the point that they cannot get seen by the NHS (which they'd rather have without paying tax) whereupon all those nice immigrant nurses suddenly seem like a brilliant idea.
  • Veritas - like UKIP but sillier. Founded by an ego with a tan who sulked off, this lot have the same policies and mild racism as UKIP but are definitely a different party if you look erally really really hard. Honest.
  • BNP - The French get a rightist who nearly wins power, Russia get racist skinhead murderers and we get some drug dealers* and men with assault convictions** lead by an odious slimebag# who cannot even work out how racist they actually are.

No wonder Cameron is edging to the left with that look on his face which says

Who the hell are these people?

No idea Dave, no idea.



#Not verifaible but most likely true.

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