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May 07, 2005

Normal Service Will Be Resumed

This is a general message to all those bored civilians who read this. More for the benefit of non-Warwick readers (as Warwick readers are also having to deal with this at the moment) I have to point out that it's exam time and I have assessed essays and looming exams so there will probably be a drop in the volume of Hollyzone entries to match the recent (and related) drop in quality of entries.

As you are clearly, by virtue of reading this, talented, witty, clever and articulate individuals (and you must be to keep up with my stream-of-conscious shite) then I'm sure you can mentally fill in the gaps and imagine these entries which I was going to write before I realised I have no time.

  • Malcolm Glazer is a twat and should stay away from my club.
  • Long distance running: Fun, healthy and contagious. Though less fun in winter.
  • Why being pale makes you "interesting" in winter but akin to a plague victim in summer.
  • Do cacti have feelings and if so why does mine treat me good one day and bad the next?
  • Why are all grammar nazis science students?
  • How To Cook For Students 2: Duck a l'orange with truffles and shallots, served on a base of white wine sauce, with lightly flambeed raspberry coule for dessert.

Maybe there'll be some inspiration soon. Hasta la vista, innit?

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