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April 06, 2006

Phone Smugness

O2 are lovely.

They email me on a semi regular basis to let me know they've been reading Orwell and are assessing my phone usage so they can make helpful informed advice for me, and definitely not to use my habits as part of a nefarious plot to take over my life.

This plan thing is designed to let users know which slightly extortionate plan to waste their cash on for free minutes at times of the day when no one on earth is actually conscious, or more text messages than even the most inarticulate chav can send in a month. Anyway I'm on a plan we will refer to as xxx today they informed me that

the xxx plan is the best for you. You were right all along.

I love the implication of a begrudging tone in there. "You were right all along" as if somehow, in the beginning, they doubted me and my decision. Now I have proven myself in mortal combat or somesuch and they grovel at my feet. I have triumphed over the expectations of a big company and can now grow as a person and fulfill my real goal in life – whatever that is.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Ring ring...

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