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January 05, 2006

Cameron Confuses Me Again

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Right, so the Tories are going to violate their principles of the state not getting involved in private lives by going further than most leftist governments and forcing the young to do 'voluntary' (nice use of the word there) community service after leaving school? Huh?

Well, all I have to say on that particular matter is I'll do it if all the Tories do it retrospectively. After all, they got the benefit of free and grant maintained universities (as did the Labour government who brought us fees, fees and loans), they got to get rich in the booming 1980s whilst the families of the kids they are now targetting (let's face it, there's every likelihood that nice middle class kids heading for uni will be exempt from this like they used to do with juries before Labour reformed that) got poorer and poorer. Lead by example and all that.

How about they promise to put more money into public projects, buildings, playing fields to give the young something constructive to do of their own free will? The kids round where I lived would amuse themselves by playing football on the local school's pitch until it was fenced off and the kids were forced to hang out in the town square where old people moaned about their presence then NIMBY-ed requests for more playgrouds and pitches in other parts of town. But I don't think Cameron will do that. For all this talk of compassionate conservatism (is that an admission that previous Tory govenments have lacked compassion?) it's concern for the young that smacks of keeping them out of everyone's way. That ain't the answer mate, anyone who can actually remember being young, and is honest about it, can tell you that.

I have said it before and I'm becoming inceasingly sure of this – Cameron is not a good idea for prime minister. He's a trad Tory in trendy shoes. So what if he appears to be moving the Tories to the left? They were so hysteriaclly right that it is really the only way for them to go to simply survive. On the other hand it will hopefully push Labour back a bit to the left which could be the best thing for the party. I know a lot of people would prefer a government a little more to the left and a little less up a certain president's arse.

[Cameron] also spoke of a "new deal" with businesses, enlisting their help to solve social problems and improve the environment… Business could also have "a role to play" in tackling problems such as drug addiction, he added.

Anyone else find this bit wildly optimistic on Cameron's part? And anyone think that's it really the government who should be sorting this out?

And that's my political rant for the month. It's hard being on the left of the current government... although that is where most of its voters are so I'm not alone...

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